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Red Stigma Bug

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Hello, i just finished doing a red stigma raid (Macha), need exactly 1 to get the title of 50 kills of her, i was getting massive lags on her (i had a 5 bar connection on the raid since all of the players are from the same country.) they were not lagging at all, my internet was fine with everything else except the game, this is not the first time that happens to me, plus it already happened to everyone else around me. Even from other countries. The game starts freezing, and then you get kicked out to the login screen for no appearant reason, try to rejoin the raids and it doesnt let you.
But this time was a little bit different. As soon as the raid ended, my friends got the drops, I even got an orange shine for myself, they got the drops (we were on discord voice chat) they couldn't see my drop, and my game frooze and the closed by itself, when i logged back in, i got the title, the kill counted towards the daily limit and i got no drops on my inventory.

I am asking help if some GM please could take a look at this bug, since it's not the first time it happened to me, i've lost a few orange drops because of this bug.

My name in game is RobinThuGy.

Thank you for reading.