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Certified Hosting

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Due to the nature of Non-target combat system and P2P hosting this game uses, it is critical to identify compatible hosts before joining the boat for enjoyable gameplay.

Thankfully the boat information does provide signal bars, but it seems rather unreliable at times.
Sometimes it looks great from outside, but fps drop kicks in because host CPU can't handle 4 players. Sometimes bars look worse than what it actually is because somebody else is joining at the moment. Sometimes the bars won't show at all even though the hosting is actually decent.
Often I end up missing out on the boat because I wait too long trying to gauge the host before joining.
I often find myself available to play at unusual hours when most of my peers are in bed. People who join my boat often suffer with single bar due to their locations with different hour zones. Redeemer boats often advertise themselves of their hosting area using mega.

I suggest that the game provides certifications to would be hosts. Hosts who want to attract compatible players would be able to access "testing" service in game and be labeled with visible certifications that would identify his approximated locations (General area such as State, zip code, etc), signal strength, and hosting spec (mostly CPU and clock speed) when other players see his boat.
This way, players would be able to easily and quickly identify compatible hosts and enjoy better gaming.