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Vindictus On Consoles Please

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Hi, i played VIndictus about around 8 years ago and fell in love with it. I played it almost everyday and had plenty of friends who played it. I stopped playing it because i started to notice that the player based began to die. The severs were low and it seemed like there was never anyone in town anymore. Plenty of games such as BDO have switched over to consoles and have had great progress and an increase in player population bringing in more profit. I just never could grasp why Vindictus has not chosen to come to Xbox and PS4. I just don't get it, has there not been any talk to the possibility and if there has at least ask your player base if they would like the idea. I really hope my discussion opens some eyes or at least gets the attention of someone at the top to start development of a console version. This game has been through alot and i think that coming to consoles would be a perfect way to re-ignite it in the gaming community as a whole. The reason that i went through the trouble of making this forum is because gaming is starting to die, all games coming out are boring and dont keep peoples attention for long. I started to wish that Microsoft would drop a game worth played but everything on the "games coming soon" was a stupid indie game or something else small and single player. I began to think of something that would bring my fire and gaming back and then i thought of Vindictus the best game i ever played. Please read this and consider letting your community hear something about a console version or at least let us know if it will ever happen. Thank you