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I can't take off the white shirt under the armor

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I am a new player, I wanted to understand why when I take off my armor and clothes I stay in a white T-shirt, white shorts and white socks.
I have seen that normally you should have a white bra and panties. But why do I have the white T-shirt and the white shorts under the armor?


  • NovuNovu
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    You have to use an inner armor coupon to select which underwear displays under your armor. Inner armor coupons are usually given away for free during special events or you can purchase them from the cash shop. A temporary inner armor pass is also a reward for simply reaching level 60.
  • SshateSshate
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    oof. You just missed like 3 free inner coupons that was given away between all the events. I'd stay tuned next week. Hopefully another wave of events with free cash shop items will start since most existing events will have ended.
  • MadcobraMadcobra
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    You can also buy inner coupon for ap in Inn colhen by talk with Ernmass . After you buy go to avatar shop and use some inner with your coupon . While your coupon doesnt expire you can change inner armor as much you want .