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S> Old Cosmetic Gear

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IGN: Frischer / Gracila (I'm on Fris more often)

Been holding onto a few things for a while. Please message in-game if interested in making an offer. Low balls will be ignored.

You can view the items in the links provided. Just click on the item you're interested in.

Things that I wanna sell that don't need to be fused/unbound:
-Lotus Blouse, Skirt, Gloves (don't need to dye skirt if you use blouse with it)
-Bear Ears Hairpin
-Superior Bunny Eared Headband x2 (25 black and 230 white)
-Bunny Ear Headband (Event)
-Black Wing (2 unbind count left)
-Santa Pants
-Toy Staff/Toy Scythe
-Luxurious Head Poof
-Old World Pants
-Bejeweled Mask
-255 White Succubus Cap (no mask)

Things that need to be refused and unbound but willing to sell still: (all need prem fuse runes)
-Old World Hat
-Santa Baby Skirt
-Devil Wings (Non-corrupt)
-Therapist Jacket, Skirt, Cap
-Baseball Cap (button)

Iffy on selling but still might:
-Full Void Reaper Set (gloves and hood need to be rebound. prem runes, needs unbind pots)
*hood has 255 white stripes, base pre-dyed 25 black

**Please note that I do not have the prem runes/unbinds currently, so if you're interested in a bound item, you would need to wait until they are purchased.