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Armor to Outfit Event suggestion

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Once an event was ran where each character had the opportunity to obtain a coupon that allowed the purchase of any one outfit type of outfit piece, up to 5 coupons (one for each piece). This event was great. However, sometimes the armor pieces are better than the outfits and fit a look better that we want to build. Well, how bout a similar event but for Armor pieces, where the coupon allows the play the ability to convert one Armor piece into an Outfit piece. This way, you have the item, not stat based and unable to be broken while maintaining the look of the Armor you used before. This is done in the Nexon mobile game, Darkness Rises, where you can take the texture of the armor piece and create an outfit piece as well. This is a great system that I love in it and would like to see it implemented in Vindi in some form of event. My Lynn character, JacquiLynn, is using an armor piece as her chest piece but it is very low level. However, I love the look and would love to have it on all the time without affecting my stats. Likewise, my Lethor character, MiuDeZanpaku is using the lvl 60 foot gear for her outfit that I'd love to keep as well. So, a suggestion that I hope you will consider.

Thanks for your time.
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