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Simple Player Retention Fixes

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1) Brand new players run out of fatigue because they don't know how to get buffs. So either
a) give new player VIP for free starting out
b) refund fatigue when completing a battle for the very first time

2) Nothing burns as bad as completing a raid and get no reward.
- When joining a RAID, don't allow player to ready like normal if exhausted. Show a confirmation (You will not get any reward. Proceed? Ok/Cancel)
- Make optional feature to auto-use fatigue potion like pet feed.

3) Bring back Hard mode for leveling content that increase boss HP to classic level and SKIP to the last map in each battle.
- Players can learn how to play/dodge vs boss early, so it's less of a brick wall for noobs when lvl 90 bosses suddenly get real.
- Addresses the biggest complaint in leveling: too boring clearing trash mob and trash boss fight.
- No need to increase boss attack. We don't need to kill noob players, give them time to learn and recover from mistakes.
- Skipping to last map means restarting is less boring.
- If botting is a concern, then allow hard mode only for first-time completion. Think creatively and don't let bot be the reason for legit player to suffer

4) Remove instant death attacks in the story-version of S3 old-raid bosses. To the noobs it's ridiculously jarring because S3 bosses' sudden spike in difficulty is already taxing to players who easy-mode their way through S1 and S2.

5) Change the cadet badge in leveling reward to airtight (not tradeable, but at least doesn't expire until you start using it).

6) Increase exp of mains story in Malina so new player get to lvl 90 by the end of S2.
That gap is a pointless hassle for veterans who knows to use VIP or grind S2 bosses, but for new players, they get really lost.
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