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Disappointed about bound Mini Wedding dress

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First I like to say i am quite grateful for the free outfits that Nexon have been giving us but...
Why did they bind the outfit for Lethor! In the past the Ninja outfit and the Oiran outfit was tradable between accounts.
I would have liked the choice of giving the outfit to one of my female mains. I know I have the "Free" option of cloning the wedding dress but to get that option I would need to buy more outfits for dress points and well...I kinda have most of them and getting duplicates on alts seems throwing my precious gold away.


  • ArcflareArcflare
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    I have to agree. I havent played in months and literally only logged in today because i thought i was going to be able to get a nice looking outfit for one of my other characters only to find out that its bound to Lethor. Like really? I dont even really want to level Lethor or play her so it was just complete waste of my time. Instead of coming back to play it just made me not even bother to log into my other characters. While getting free outfits is great, its pretty pointless binding it to 1 specific character that plenty of people wont play for maybe a few days before returning to their main.
  • FireCrystalFireCrystal
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    +1 Totaly agree with TO.
  • VallarieVallarie
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    I don't know, I kind of like it. What don't you guys like about it?
  • ZeroheartZeroheart
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    The wedding dress outfit is nice, but I have a problem that it is bound on my Lethor because it can only be opened by Lethor. In past events or character introductions , they also gave free outfits but we had a choice to send the free outfit to our other alts or main.
    Lynn = Lady of the tomb and Madarin Lilac outfit
    Grimden = Ninja outfits
    I think it was Belle or Miri that they gave a free Oiran outfit
    And the forge mistress outfit and Princess Aurora here and there.

    The wedding dress is an unique and beautiful outfit but like everyone we have main characters that we played and most of us drop Lethor because late game gear requirement cost (Counter force mats and gold RNG, runes /steels/ essences for reforging).

    I guess I would not be as salty if Nexon only added past outfits in the outfit store or decrease the cost of cloning outfits. you get only 10 points for a 5 piece set in normal outfit but 45 points for the gatcha ones and cloning outfits are like 500 points increments