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Accesory evolution.

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As the title says!
It is really a waste to throw something away or sell to npc something which is bound, not to say unfair because you worked to make them +20!
I am talking about the 85 Earrings, Belt, Rings, etc.
So my suggestion is..
After +20
A player would be able to evolve them in the next item
For example
Innocent Tear +20 -> Devil´s Teardrop +0 (The required materials should be the same as crafting them at brynn)
  1. Evolution useful ?10 votes
    1. Yes of course!
       50% (5 votes)
    2. No, i´m too rich.
       50% (5 votes)


  • TheNewKaiTheNewKai
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    You know there's a crap ton of things nexon could do to make this game better but they won't.
  • noctrednoctred
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    If evolution requires the same materials as crafting and resets enhances/enchants/infusions, why would it matter?

    There would be no difference.
  • lightkitelightkite
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    this Is not Tera.
    THIS IS VINDICTUS!!!!! We farm all Fing day for nothing!!!!! BUT GOD BLESS THIS GAME!!!!!