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Some Changes and Suggestions

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edited May 5, 2020 in Suggestions and Feedback
Hello i have some suggestions if nexon could add in future and i hope they does.

Tir cion:

I just noticed that tir coin system was useful in past. I think vindictus should add tir coin back. Was easy to sell NX and buy NX when we need and it was easy to buy items on cash shop. I think we really need tir coins nowadays. Players would exhange their nexon cash or in game money.

Some changes on cash shop:

Please add permanent rare outfit boxes beside crystal boxes. Let us buy these rare outfits directly. Also add permanent comrade boxes and you can add/switch new outfits and comrades each month and players would able to buy without waiting for months.

More Tradable Items:

I wonder that why items cannot be traded when we reforge them? It would be easy for players if vindictus let us trade our gear as we want. We can still reforge them but sadly we can't sell/buy at same time.

Best regards.