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RaR screen Lagging/Freezing at end...

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edited April 9, 2020 in General Discussion
Anyone have this issue?

If yes, how to deal with/ fix it?


  • IngkellsIngkells
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    happens to me, too. my computer is crap, and i think it's maybe the processor getting overloaded. it happens at the end during the snapshots, cuz rar has big maps, lots of people, and sometimes myself and others will try to kill the boss with a flashy sp move. on the more extreme occasions i have to do a hard shut down because ctrl alt del wont work. so, to fix that: 1. dont finish with an sp, maybe even just stop moving the last half second before it dies. 2. update your graphics card if you can. 3. try overclocking your processor. i dont know how and i dont know if nexon likes that. also it may or may not break your computer. 4. get a better computer, or new parts, or new internet.
  • NokaubureNokaubure
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    True answer is:

    1 - click the leave button after screenshots ended, but don't confirm the message
    2- if you get the bug, simply confirm the message to get out of there with the drops
  • TheNewKaiTheNewKai
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    Yeah a few times ive had mine load the finish screen verrrry slowly and by that time everyone else left so i cant find out my true damage number. Odd since i built this pc less than 6 months ago. Should have plenty of power for this game.