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Security Server is flawed & feedback is pointless

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After nearly four years of not playing Vindictus, I decided to give the game a chance again and was somewhat enjoying it again. Then they decide to introduce the fatigue system that is honestly just a money grabber since it forces players to purchase fatigue pots and VVIP. The prices in the marketplace are increasing but yes this is supposed to control the prices and stop bots? People can just keep creating multiple accounts. This will not prevent bots whatsoever. On top of which, I can't even do runs for fun anymore because I have to watch the fatigue percentage. I can't enjoy this game without purchasing NX which completely defeats the purpose of a free-to-play game. I have completely lost all desire to play the game. Rather than listening to what we say, they keep shoving their agenda down our throats. I have not used a single fatigue pot that was given for free. I shouldn't have to in order to enjoy a game I started playing in 2011. No matter how much feedback and suggestions the players give, we are completely ignored and the producers keep doing what they want. They encourage feedback? There is absolutely no point in feedback when they won't even listen.

On top of which, the security system is greatly flawed. The system 'detected' macro usage on a friend's account when they don't even have any programs close to being considered "Macro" and therefore banned that account. If that were the case, then their alt account would have been banned too since it was played on the same computer. But yes, they have done a "thorough investigation" and have concluded that the account was involved in "illegal activities". I've watched another friend go through the same hardship years ago as well as others as I've read the posts on the forums. Get yourselves together Vindictus. All you are doing is banning and discouraging actual players who want to play the game but are allowing bots to continue in game. You have absolutely no logical explanation for anything and use the same repeated automated messages for everything.

If you would actually listen to what your player base wants, you would have a thriving game and wouldn't constantly see players leaving. If you are wanting to permanently shut down the game, you are a perfect example on how its done.


Discouraged Ex-Vindictus Player.