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Fastest way to level up? 90-100

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As the title says, whats the best way to level up fast to 100? (only got 25k atk 14k def)


  • NokaubureNokaubure
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    if its your main: just do main quest since you need the free jumper stones to get better gear
    if its an alt: spam malina raids or A friend once lost until you hit lv100, you get more gold in the process too
  • ikeviikevi
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    Story mode is usually the fastest unless you have an extra xp buff/folks carrying you. You should hit lv 100 before you reach lv 95 runs.
  • john10john10
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    edited January 22, 2020
    try lv 77 raids when u get lv 90 gears
  • LoLoBootyLoLoBooty
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    From level 90 to 100 I would prioritize Abyssal Arena with VIP (buy from Ernmass at the AP shop), Divine Bless, and if possible any XP buff items you have. You can do 4 a week with VIP. You will quickly jumped levels until you reach 99 > 100. That will take 4 Abyssals by itself.
  • CloakshireCloakshire
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    I don't find the idea of grinding from level 90 to 100 all that important unless there's a leveling event or something.

    If you play through the story normally, you should hit lvl 100 around Aes/Arcana. Being level 100 vs 90 isn't going to make the lvl 90/95 missions easier, so you're just wasting your time b/c you have to do story anyways.

    Option 1: Waste a few hours grinding from lvl 90 - 100 & then start S3's story.
    Option 2: Start S3's story at level 90 and naturally reach 100 near the end of the level 95 content.

    One wastes time while the latter doesn't. That is unless there's an event and/or it's an alt for farming/vanguard.
  • KirraKirra
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    you can get from 90 to 100 in roughly 2 hours, usually less, with exp buffs (VIP cap + the orange gem buff + some kind of 100% exp cap they hand out for events).

    If you have a carry who can blast through Abyssal floors spam that, if you're on your own spam S2 bosses. You should hit 100 before you even do all of the S2 bosses 5 times.

    Abyssal with a carry takes roughly 15 mins to run and you get around 40m exp (some **** like that don't quote me on it)

    Season 2 bosses

    S2 boss let's say its 2mins for 1 round of 3m exp. Das 10 mins for total of 15m exp. You get it down to 1min per run and its less than half the time to run abyssal for 15m exp. Plus finding an abyssal party with level 100's who want to carry you sucks, so, get a friend and wittle down those S2 run times.

    Get in bed with ben cheddar

    Another option is to run autumn reed bed (located in ben chenner) for similar amount of exp to an S2 boss run. Although I think you can only run this 6 times a day with vip?

    Do the story
    If you play on doing redeemers on this char go with this. We're getting next level cap in the following months so you'll have to go back and dredge through this anyway. However I think our welfare accessories get upgraded once that comes out and I'm not too sure if its still the same cat quest or if people who did complete it will get the new box. Up to you if you want to risk waiting to grab it or not.
  • TheNewKaiTheNewKai
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    I had a bunch of +75/+100/+150% EXP buffs from years ago and just farmed a friend once lost (only took just over 1 min per round for a good 4.2M exp), i was able to level up a lot faster than expected. Glad i kept those. Now i'm dealing with not being strong enough to even host 100 raid battles. Thats depressing considering all the money i spent to get my character that op (back before dullahan).