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Have a gacha sale with new char release

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I know you got more people to buy on Black Friday. Don't you want to make more money Nexon? Sure you do! Instead of just releasing one for people who normally buy at full price... if you have a sale then other folks might be tempted to splurge. Especially with "le" new character possibly in the future. Yup mhm.

And we all know if the new char is of a certain gender more of the Vindictus population returns to the game. So uh win-win foo. Do it.

  1. Would you purchase gacha if there was a sale (similar to black friday) with a new char release?18 votes
    1. Yes, new char means I want a new outfit
       56% (10 votes)
    2. No Nexon you can't have my money
       39% (7 votes)
    3. Yes, I'd buy gacha at full price anway (whel noises)
       6% (1 vote)


  • SilentPaleSilentPale
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    Yea sales like black friday where i think i was 1k nx per box is a great idea much more affordable, so hypothetically you just need to spend 100 $ to get one of the rare drops.