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Please bring back the original(NA) combat voice.

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I was very pleased to see that the korean voices got added to the game and some voices we're reverted back.

But unfortunately Fiona, Evie, and Lann are all in a place where their original voice overs are gone. And now you have a very awkward situation where if you play any of the 3(I have a fiona and evie.)

It is so incredibly unerving to listen to the korean, and new NA voice over for Fiona. It is so odd and strange.
I have played this character for over 9 years. I've been playing since Closed Beta, and heard the same voice over, the voice of my character for so long that hearing anything else is legitimately unnerving.
It's to the point where i can't even complete a dungeon, because it bothers me. It absolutely bothers me to the point where my enthusiasm for the game is gone.

Personal note:
What really gets me about the whole situation is that I finally have a new source of income, and I won my legal case.
And one of the things I planned on doing was going to every MMO I play, and buying all the outfits that I ever wanted and was never able to really afford.
And vindi has a lot of stuff I've wanted. Especially that bunnyhoodie outfit.

But then this voice over change happened and I can't even play the game now. It's just too weird.
I don't speak korean, so I really have no attachment or comfort for the korean voice over. I didnt listen to Fiona and Evie's korean voice over for 9 years, so for me it doesnt sound like MY character.

I just have a request
Please impliment the option that we can have the original NA voice over combat voices as well as the korean ones.
I can't be the only Lann, Fiona, Evie player, or even Belle player who feels this way.
11 of the 15 characters are missing their original voices, and it's definitely a strange and upsetting situation that for me, has made the game unplayable.

There is this on discord.

But I am not sure what this means.
Does this mean that Fiona, Lann, and Evie will get the option to have their original voice over back?
Please, really I cannot play this game anymore with these new voices.

EDIT: I should note that I did submit a ticket over this and the vindictus GMs told me I should post a thread here too.


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    Any update on this?
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    I too miss the original NA Evie combat voice.. I'm guessing they overlooked Evie, Lann, and Fiona's original NA voices in the v2.61 update. So we need a third option when selecting which combat voice to use.. (Korean, Original NA English, and New NA English).
  • FranBunnyFFXIIFranBunnyFFXII
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    I can't do it. I cant play this game anymore.
    My character's voice change is something that I cannot reconcile. It's unnerving.
    Everytime I try to log in and play the game, I get through 1 daily, and I just can't keep going. Even with the korean voice.
    It's just too unsettling.

    This is upsetting, that every other character got their voices back, but Fio Lann and Evie can't get theirs back.
    I can't believe we're being left out in the cold like this.