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Any update with the Outfitter kit duplication?

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Just curious. Cuz I've been waiting for it ^_^. I thought there were updates saying itll happen sometime in October but never did.

I talked to several players in game and just wanna know when itll happen. Hopefully soon cuz I wanna dupe an outfit from my alt to my main! :D


  • SirRFISirRFI
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    Are you talking about outfit "replicas" for alts? If I recall correctly, this is a feature of "Dress room 2.0" update. It's expected to be added soon.
  • ikeviikevi
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    Hopefully you realize that to actually duplicate a full outfit you likely already have all the outfits on your characters you want... I think KR needs 750 pts just to get the first box... (Ie 1 of 5 items duplicated.)