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Fast lv up guide for Belle

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This is a guide for quickly leveling up a new character, with some tips for Belle. However, if you're a new player, I would recommend taking time proceeding through the main story as well as side quests and learning the character's moves along the way.

1. Starting out
So you're planning to create a Belle and get her to lv 100 as fast as possible. The first step should be to check out the website's news section for any ongoing or upcoming event that could help speed up the process (http://vindictus.nexon.net/news/events). Some events could give double exp for a certain amount of time, give buffs to new/returning players or give free equipment that would make clearing battles faster.
Now it's time to create a Belle. If you have a premium character slot either from registration event or from buying with NX (not really worth the money so not recommended), using this slot for your Belle will give her a boost to combat exp.
During character creation, feel free to customize your Belle's look to your liking. The only customization that affects gameplay is height, as a tall Belle will have a larger hitbox and a longer range than a short Belle.
Once your Belle is created, you will enter a prologue/tutorial at the Bell Tower. You can press esc to skip this and arrive at Colhen inn.

2. Useful boosts
- If possible, you should get your Belle to join a guild with the "Combat EXP Increase" guild skill at rank 3, which gives a 15% boost to battle completion exp.
- If you have 50%/75%/100%/150% Completion EXP Boost Potions on your existing characters from older events, you can send them to your Belle and use them for significant increases to battle completion exp.
- Divine and EXP Blessing Stones give a boost to combat exp, and are best used for battles with large amounts of mobs.
- VIP/VVIP gives a 50% exp boost and a 2-day VIP can be purchased from the AP shop for 500 AP. The AP shop can be accessed by talking to Ernmass at Colhen Inn, and becomes available from lv 40.
- If you have pets, the Victorious Footsteps effect from the Pet Encyclopedia will let your Belle run through season 1 and season 2 battles faster.
- If you have more than one comrade on your main character, you might want to consider sharing comrade with your Belle once she reaches lv 50.
- While not recommended, you could browse the Supply Depot for items/packages that could make leveling up easier.

3. Belle's skills
Similar to most characters, Belle performs normal attacks by pressing the left mouse button (L) and smash attacks by pressing the right mouse button (R).
Skills window can be opened by pressing V.
- Nature's Might: passive effect that can be granted by certain attacks.
- Beaten Path: Belle's dodge. Gives Nature's Might effect
- Shortcut: lets Belle dodge again right after Beaten Path
- Biting Wind: quick smash with R
- Brush Fire: 1st smash, performed by pressing LR. Could lead to 3rd smash with LRLRR
- Wildfire: 2nd smash, performed by pressing LLR
- Flare-Up: follow-up of 2nd smash, performed by pressing LLRR
- Broken Cleft: 3rd smash, performed by pressing LLLR
- Gaping Chasm: follow-up of 3rd smash, performed by pressing LLLRR
- Rushing River: hold R while sprinting then let go of R. Useful for running quickly and dealing damage when releasing R while still sprinting. If not on cooldown could lead to 3rd smash with an extra RR
- Deforestation: strong smash with large range performed by pressing Tab. Can only be used with Nature's Might lv 5 and consumes the buff. Can be used twice in quick succession (Tab Tab)
- Active: Volcanic Blast: SP skill that costs 500 SP and activates with Z, deals a multi-hit smash. Useful for killing boss at low levels
- Active: Landslide: SP skill that costs 200 SP and activates after Deforestation by pressing Tab Tab Tab
- Active: Whipping Wind: SP skill that costs 500 SP and activates with Z. Stuns bosses for a short time
- Active: Extinction: boss lockdown skill that costs 1000 SP
Rushing River, Deforestation, Landslide and 3rd smash will probably be your main sources of damage. I recommend following the third goal in the Character Growth Goals for free AP.

4. Level up
After tutorial, you will end up in Colhen. You can press Ctrl to skip quest dialogues.
From lv 1 to lv 70, you will want to get through the main quests as fast as possible. The "Story Progression Mode" button at the dock's map should be used, and after battle ends, the "Next Story" button should be used whenever available.
Pressing M will bring up the Story window, and while in town there will usually be a red exclamation mark next to the main quest. Pressing this will let you talk to the quest's NPC without having to physically walk to them.

At level 40, you should be able to buy a 2-day VIP from AP shop.
Once you obtain transformation skill (either dark knight or paladin), you will want to use it as frequently as possible. Learn all transformation skills whenever you reach the lv requirement.
You should grab Character Growth Goals' rewards whenever they become available. Also remember to open lv up boxes from events when you reach the required lv should you have them.

After reaching lv 70, you should use Completion EXP Boost Potions if you have, and spam the following season 2 battles: A Ruler's Refuge, Devil in the Water, Memory of the Past, Death's Shadow, Into the Abyss, Desolate Malina, Burning Temple, God of Death. While the following are slightly more time-consuming, they could also be spammed if needed: Desert Princess, Bizarre Machine, Gates of Hell. These battles can be sped up by having a high-stat friend help you.
Doing the above battles 6 times each with VIP should be enough for you to reach, or nearly reach, lv 90. You could then find a party to do Abyssal Arena up to 4 times a day, or spam Autumn Reed Bed solo until you reach level 100.