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Emer's Guide to Basic Belle Gamplay

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Emerthyst’s Belle Guidebook

Belle is the 15th character released in Vindictus. She wields a battle axe which she uses to crush her opponents into pulp with powerful but slow swings.

1. The Basics
-Belle is a physical attack character so you want to be buying Strength (STR) raising equipment to increase her damage output.
-Like most characters in Vindictus, Belle’s smashes are her highest damage dealers so you will want to raise the smash mastery and skill ranks on her most damaging smashes first.
-Belle’s main mechanic that separates her from other characters is her ability to interrupt any of her combos into Active: Deforestation and acts as her block while dealing damage.
-Belle has a simple spacebar dodge called broken path which is a short slide like vella’s spacebar dodge and can chain that dodge with another slide called shortcut for extended invulnerability frames.
-Belle’s normal (L) attacks are insignificant when compared to her smash (R) attacks

2. Belle’s Gameplay Flow
-Belle can do combo smash extensions after performing her basic smash.
Ex. LL -> RRR(Flare-up) and LLL -> RR(Gaping Chasm).
-These combo extenders are available on a fresh level 1 Belle and can be strengthen as you level up.
-In order to activate Deforestation, Belle needs to acquire 5 stacks of nature’s might which is unlocked as you level up. All of belle’s smashes will grant 1 stack of nature’s might and gaping chasms combo grants 2. Belle also can acquire stacks by using the beaten path dodge.
-Deforestation is activated by pressing tab. Activating tab again will perform a 2nd attack. Deforestation can be combo-ed with Active: Landslide for additional damage after the 2nd attack by pressing tab a 3rd time. Each hit of deforestation gets stronger when it successfully blocks an enemy attack while in motion.
-Belle’s main damage output and defensive options comes from the use of deforestation so want to build up 5 stacks of nature’s might as quickly as possible. The quickest way to build stacks is through gaping chasm which grants 2 stacks for one smash. You combo brushfire into gaping chasm with the sequence of L->R->L->RR. This will grant 3 stacks leaving you with 2 stacks to get via dodging or another gaping chasm.
-DO NOT be afraid to use deforestation even when not deflecting an enemy attack as the additional damage is not worth waiting for the boss to attack you.
-The general gist of Belle is to simply never stop gaining nature’s might stacks and let deforestation rip as much as possible. Belle is incredibly simple to play for this reason but has depth in areas like when to dodge or when to go aggressive and needs to find blind spots in enemy attack patterns to be successful as she is quite slow even at high attack speed.

3. Don’t forget fashion is everything especially cute fashion and to always have fun!
That pretty much covers all you need to get started with Belle and I hope everyone has a fun time swinging her axe as I do!

IGN: Emerthyst
Server: NA