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Venerator's Guide to leveling Belle!

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So you made a Belle. This guide is for returnees and new players on the best way to level up your Belle!

Let me start with character creation since some may not know of this change.

Previously height used to affect attack speed and attack range. Now only attack range is affected by height so you can make her tall without any of the old penalties.

Once you complete the tutorial you will find a new feature called "Story Progression Mode" which can be found on the board. This is the best way to quest through story because you will skip lots of loading screen saving tons of time. (Note: This will also skip side quest, but these are rather unimportant and can be competed at a later date).

Story Progression Mode only works in solo. Running with another person WILL slow you down due to loading times, but you can level with a friend if you wanted to. Just keep in mind some missions may be solo only.

If you really want to do side quests as you go you can hit the "M" key and make sure you check the "View Hidden Story" button.

In the occasions you get sent back to town if you already met with an NPC you can use the quick talking feature so you do not need to run to them in town. All you need to do is press the exclamation point or question mark and it will talk to that NPC.

When in town complete the Character Growth Goals as you level.

You can access these in the Event tab

Completing these gives EXP, AP, and item rewards. One of them being a full +12 Level 90 Enchanted Weapon and Armor set.

Doing the main story line is the fastest way to level until you reach level 70.

Do not worry about buying gear. The low levels your gear barely matters and when it does matter you are given full sets for free.

When you reach level 70 you have 2 options on leveling.

Option 1: Continue doing Story Progression Mode until level 100 - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Option 2: Power Leveling - Only do this if you just want her for Vanguard
Once you reach level 70 you unlock Season 2 ex-raids which does not need story to unlock. You should get a VIP Service capsule by now so activate that and if possible use a exp booster (You should get this in the Belle Box in a Box)

Then start running these missions which are found in the Malina tab on the board.
You should be able to run them 6 Times each with VIP.
If you are not in a rush just run all of these until you can't do anymore and run it again on the next day after reset. This is the least time consuming method.

If you want to hit level 100 on the same day you can run Abyssal Arena with a group of people.

This is the method I used to be the First Maxed Belle. Here is a video of me doing this: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/501941097

When you hit level 90 you will unlock more content. One of these being raids.

There are 2 options to enter raids, but you should only use the Quick Battle (QB) way.

The default keybinding for this is "K" or you can open the menu and click Quick Battle.

I highly recommend you drag the menu to the hot bar for easy access.

From here you can see the raids that are available and if a party is currently open. You can click on a run to view members and stat requirements for entry. The level 90 level up reward will give you enough stats for these requirements.

Power: Attack + Defense
Tech: Critical + Balance
Additional: Additional DMG Stat
Counterforce: obtained through accessory enhancement (only need to worry about this once you reach level 100)

There are also a raid called redeemers that give permanent stat boost. You will unlock these eventually by doing story missions and can be accessed using the depart menu.

Right now there are 2 of them. Neamhain and Balor, each one gives these rewards as completion clears.

The total of max completion for both will award this.
10 Critical
2000 Attack
2000 HP
600 ALR
Full Force Lv. 2 (A skill that activates in battle dealing large damage)

These are hard and limit many things like HP Potions and Revives. I Recommend trying them out and don't feel too bad if you die a lot. The stats from these runs will help you on gearing.

There are also Ein Lacher battles when you hit level 90. Stats are normalized here and you are given free revives.

Permanent stat rewards are given based on achievement. The battles that are marked battle of the day rotate daily and can be retried unlimited amount of times.

These achievements are earned like this:
Gold: 3 Hits of less
Silver: No death
Bronze: Under 3 Deaths
No HP Potion: No HP Potions used

A total of 5 Balance and 3 Critical can be obtained along with lots of other minor stat increases.

There you have it! A guide to level your Belle! Good Luck on your leveling and may rare drops grace your Belle. If you have any questions come join the Official Vindictus Discord there are plenty of people to help.

IGN: Veneratoria
Server: NA