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einloggen nicht möglich suche Hilfe.

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ich logge mich ganz normal in meinen Account an. Starte das spiel über den Nexon Launcher. Gebe mein 2. Passwort ein möchte mein charakter auswählen, gehe in den Loading Screen und dann passiert es. Ich bekomme eine von 2 verschiedene Fehlermeldungen:

-"Connection with the game server disconnected due to a network error"

-"The Game will close in 10 Seconds. If the issue persists, contact customer support.

Habe darauf hin versucht den Pc und den Router neu zu Starten. Was nicht funktioniert hat. Danach Nexon Launcher und Vindictus zu deinstallieren und neu zu Instalieren. Hat auch nicht Funktioniert. Darauf hin habe ich versucht Vindictus und den Nexon Launcher auf einen Anderen PC zu instalieren. Wobei ich dabei auch versucht habe nicht mein Haus Internet sondern über mein Handy Internet es versucht habe was auch nicht ganz funktioniert hat. Wobei ich dabei aber ganz kurz (2 sekunden) ins Spiel gekommen bin.

Kann mir eventuell jemand im Forum helfen dieses Problem zu lösen?

( "Das in Englisch wurde durch den Google Übersetzter übersetzt!" "Translated by Google Translate!" )

I log in to my account as normal. Start the game with the Nexon Launcher. Enter my 2nd password I want to select my character, go to the Loading Screen and then it will happen. I get one of 2 different error messages:

- "Connection with the game server disconnected due to a network error"

- "The Game Wants to Be Close in 10 Seconds." If the issue persists, contact customer support.

I've tried to restart the PC and the router. What did not work. Then uninstall Nexon Launcher and Vindictus and re-install them. Did not work either. I tried to install Vindictus and the Nexon Launcher on another PC. Although I also tried not my house Internet but on my mobile Internet tried it which did not quite work. But I came here very short (2 seconds) into the game.

Can someone possibly help me in the forum to solve this problem?


  • MadcobraMadcobra
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    Would be nice if someone from support answear here because many players have the same problem and they cant solve it from yesterday .
  • Akitsu_MiragawaAkitsu_Miragawa
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    Habe versucht mit dem Support zu Schreiben. Wobei ich bei der selben Fragen bin wie vorher... Der Technische Support war supper Freundlich und hat sich bemüht mir als Spieler zu helfen. Nach kurzer Zeit bekomme ich die Antwort eines Anderen GM´s das mein Account gebannt wurde da ich angeblich Programme Dritter benutzt habe. Die ich natürlich nicht benutzt habe! Was ich natürlich versucht habe war erst einmal Antworten zu bekommen.. Naja mit sehr wenig erfolg. Es kam mir so rüber das der Support bzw. die GM´s die dafür Zuständig waren gefühlt nur die Überschrifft gelesen haben und mir ein Copy/Past Antwort darauf hin gegeben haben. Ich habe sie darauf hin noch einmal Angeschrieben und habe diese zum verständnis zu geben das ich erst mal nur Antowrten haben wollte. Was kam raus genau der Gleiche Müll wie beim letzten GM. So als würden sie es nicht interessieren...

    I tried to write with the support. Whereby I am with the same questions as before ... The technical support was supper friendly and tried to help me as a player. After a short time I get the answer of another GM's that my account has been banned because I have allegedly used third-party programs. Of course I did not use it! What I tried, of course, was once to get answers .. Well, with very little success. It came to me so over the support or the GM's were responsible for it felt only the Überschrifft have read and me a copy / Past answer to it. I have written it down again and have to give them to understand that I just wanted to have only Antowrten. What came out exactly the same garbage as the last GM. As if they would not care ...

  • TheJoki94TheJoki94
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    Hey Guys,

    I have to say sry right before i start here.

    Akitsu is a long yeared friend of mine, and we played together much more games then vindictus but the msot times we came back to vindictus wee came back together we a few more ppl (our guild).
    I am srsly very angry about what happends, akitsu cant login and tried all to come online to play while we as friends and community aroudn him tried to help and searched for the error why he cant. Now im obsessed... Iam srsly obsessed, i mean he contected an support and after that also an GM , and the answer is he is blcoked out of the game with the reason ´´usage of third party programms while playing vindictus´´...


    and if it isnt all, no one can even tell him what programm he even used...

    And if this isnt all, he cant get hsi account back?!
    A accoutn played for over 6 years, with some money spended and 1000´s of hours time in it
    And thsi accoutn got banned for no real reason?! just cause there´s and error wee cant fix it, so the ppl get banned and cant get there acc back?!
    This is cruel and kidding. U cant ban acc´s jsut cause u guys got errors and cant fix them and thsi saitn the first time with such an problem.
    Its no wonder vindictus community shrinked over the years completely down and it will shrink more if such **** happens still.

    I mean i dont even know that im still playing... I mean 1 of my best friends and playmate got banned for no reason with no chance to get his acc back and im not the onyl 1 our whole guidl thinks thsi way, we are a little guidl with 6 members but still, it just not fair in other games ther is atleast a chance to get information about what u did realy wrong and a chance to get ur acc back if its wrong that u got banned.
    But at nexon, u dotn gert infos (real infos) and u dont get a chance of ur acc back.

    Dont knwo rly and i even dont knwo that some1 will read this but this is cruel and completely disapointing for me.
    Seriously nexon if u still liek ur comunity and want it to grow up again, then fix **** lkiek thsi give ppl ifnso and give them the chance to get there acc back!!!

    and here if some1 wants to know my ign is Nergiganner so for the point some1 will add me and cannt u guys know i got banned too XD