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Fiona bug? (FIXED)

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I'm wondering if anybody else is having this problem. Whenever I play with Fiona(Longsword/Small shield), I often have times where I'm unable to do certain skills. Even when I know for certain I have more than enough SP, and they aren't on cooldown, my skills just wont come out. This only happens when I play Fiona, and it doesn't matter whether I use a hotkey on my controller, or if I press the corresponding number on my keyboard manually. I don't play Hammer or Large Shield, so I don't know how those skills are acting, but it's pretty consistent while playing LSword. Here's a list of skills that I'm having issues with:

Skills that consistently work:
Shield Bash
Shield Dash
Slashing High
*Focal Point(Activation off extensions only)

Skills that "lock up":
Shield Enhancement
Shield Charge
*Focal Point(Hotkey activation)
Crushing Assault

As mentioned before, I only use LSword and Small Shield, and I don't use Taunt, so I can't speak for any of her other skills. It happens quite frequently, whether or not I'm actually fighting something or not. It even happened during the small part of the story when you play as Caera, applying to the same skills. I also tried switching skill slots, and it had no effect. The only way I've found that seems to mitigate this from happening is to use Shield Bash. In most cases, as long as I'm steadily using Shield Bash, I can continue using the other skills, otherwise they stay "locked up" for what seems to be an unprecedented amount of time. My Fiona is actually a pretty old character, but I just recently picked her back up to get caught up with my main character. This used to never happen, and it's discouraging my drive to play with her. If anyone can help with this, it'd be very much appreciated.