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Theory about the original Secret Naugthy Chamber

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No idea in which Forum I should post this, but I think this is the most suitable for that lol
If it dosent belong here, feel free to move it somewhere else ^^

I recently just heard this theory about the Secret Naughty Chamber Succubus Battle.
Everybody said the battle was to easy and this might be why:
The original Battle with the Succubus was different and DevCat had to cut some of the content because of budget/time reasons or whatever.

There were people who found some sound files of the succubus in the HFS files, that weren't used.

The Battle was released together with the Scythe weapon for Evie in Season 1 Ep 8 and the Succubus was supposed to have similar mechanics like Evie.
The idea was to have her having the super slow, easy to dodge attacks, but they would add "Charm Stacks" that stack up to 4 that make the Battle against her harder.
Projectiles were chasing you instead of just flying a straight line, you couldn't move during the move where she goes really fast and spams a lot of projectiles or you might get charmed and run towards her if you get hit by her (like the ones that Selren has now on her projectiles)

There are sound files named:
and they all seem to fit together (in the video again, it has all 4 together)
That means if you get hit by her special attack (the attack where she drains your SP), she would use all the Stacks she put on you to drain your SP and HP.
So if you got 1 Stack she would just use her first phase, second at 2 Stacks etc.. and if you got 4 Stacks on you, she will do her entire draining motion, that kills you in the end, regardless of your stats or HP.

Right now she just puts the Decreased_Energy_%28Status%29.png?version=1239b38e808bdb32e66536c4ad497a97Decreased Energy Debuff on you that lasts for 6 seconds (same time first drain sound file has) and it was supposed to be the lowest debuff.

Perhaps she heals herself at 2 Stacks, Prevents you from using Smashes for 30 seconds or so and the 4 Stack killing attack.

You were also able to do full break offs on her very easy with smashes and didn't really need secondary weapons like Sticky_Bomb.png?version=ee9c7ea7eab63d336d31fe01f9f4282cSticky Bombs for her Skirt, Fine_Spear.png?version=963ad65eb06820d2a4c7ef2bb4898c90Fine Spears for her Blouse etc. (You were able to bring like 14 Spears)

as you can see here

Sometimes during the Battle she catwalks really slowly towards you (it barely happens and its random tho), that was a motion she would do, when she hits you with a Special ranged attack, you cant move anymore and when she approches she would use her Mounting skill at you.


When Nexon renewed the Season 1 Dungeons, they removed her 3 Dash attack aswell in this battle (She still has it in Einlacher tho), because it wouldn't fit in the Set anymore.

Well thats it for the theory, I'd be happy if Nexon would be adding that, even if it wouldn't make any sense anymore :P


  • KursKurs
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    that's interesting. I never noticed this. I just remembered the obvious things like an animation of a poor Lann getting eaten by a vampire so I'm thinking they were also going to make things more violent too.
  • NokaubureNokaubure
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    That program got a few people banned in the past, I don't think its a good idea to mention it in the official forum of the game...
  • NædrinNædrin
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    "too easy"??!? this is one of the most annoying bosses in s1 no matter what character im using (ig except kai) simply because of her grab. you cannot ever be near her.