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S> +12 Astera Bow + +12 Astera Crossgun

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edited September 6, 2019 in North American Marketplace Auctions
Hi everyone :) I am your Kai' weaponsmith. I have plenty of +12 Astera Crossguns in stock! :). B/O at 300m each!


Here is the +12 4* Astera Crossgun
S/O: 350m
B/O: 450m


I have 2 more Astera Crossguns at +12 (2*) that I can sell. EDIT: I crafted a new +12 Astera Bow as well!

B/O:300m EA. Let me know if you want to buy one while supply last! :D

Crossguns are getting a big buff soon! so msg or come buy one :)

Happy buying!