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Unusual Connection Issues

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Usually, I've been able to host raids just fine. Most people would 4-5 bar to me with the occasional 3 bars. One and 2 bars didn't happen often unless the person connecting to me was far away. For some odd reason now, my hosting has become very inconsistent these past few weeks.

When I start up a boat, the entire party will have the usual 4-5 bars, but upon loading into the dungeon, the entire party drops to a 2 bars, and stays there until the boss dies. Once the boss is dead and loot is distributed, everyone goes back up to the bars they had on the boat before. Sometimes everyone stays at 4 bars upon entering the dungeon, but 80% of the time, at least two people drop to 2 bars for no apparent reason. The people affected by this have let me know that they are experiencing lag due to this. (Mainly input delay and getting hit by things they should have dodged).

This phenomena works both ways as well. I will join people who I know have very good hosting capability and will have 4-5 bars to them on the boat. Once loaded into the dungeon though, I will then drop to 2 bars. However, despite dropping to two bars, I don't feel any lag at all. It feels like I've got 4-5 despite the connection bars staying at 2 for the entire run.

I've done some tinkering around to try and find what could be the root cause of this. So far I've performed the following:
  • Powercycled the Modem, Router, and my PC. (The obvious first thing to try).
  • Looked up and installed the latest LAN Ethernet drivers from my motherboard manufacturer's website.
  • Verified that my Ethernet's speed & duplex setting isn't bottle-necking my connection.
  • Verified that my internet speed isn't abnormal. (Still the usual 200mbs down and 11mbs upload).
  • Verified that ping spikes aren't occurring by letting my pc repeatedly ping certain sites to which no abnormal response times were found.
  • Re-installed Vindictus
  • Verified that the router isn't the problem by hooking myself directly into the modem.
  • Fully reset my TCP / IP settings via a slew of cmd commands.
  • Verified that my router's software is up to date.
  • Verified that Vin's multiprocessing option wasn't the culprit.
  • Verified that my OS is fully updated.
  • Verified that Windows 10 isn't doing anything in the background (I have win10's updates and delivery services disabled unless I choose to turn them on).
  • Verified that my AntiVirus isn't interfering.
  • Verified in task manager that no other applications are eating up bandwidth.**
  • Verified that Ryzen's SMT wasn't causing the issue as disabling it didn't change anything.
  • Verified that Steam isn't the issue by playing through Nexon's Launcher.

The only other thing I can think at this point is to to call my ISP. Perhaps one of the many hops my connection has to go through to reach other players is the issue.

I'm out of ideas and would be very grateful if anyone could provide some insight or even suggest possible solutions that I may have overlooked.


  • CloakshireCloakshire
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    5iandh wrote: »
    someone DDOS from your computer...hackers do this all the time to steal data.....they hack from a different source from their computer. Your.....if im correct then your computer was overloaded.....where the bars jumping from one or two bars to like four? or was it a constant 1-2 bars?

    Not dignifying your post unless you can learn how to:
    1. Ask questions that cannot already be answered by the OP.
    2. Understand what DDOS'ing is b/c you apparently have no clue.
    3. Create a post that is beyond a 5th grader's grammatical capability.

    Maybe then, I'll give you a serious reply :)