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New player here. Just saying Hi. Started playing last week and look forward to many weeks ahead.


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    You have chosen the best avatar, I feel this says something about the caliber of person you must surely be.
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    TC0111N5 wrote: »
    New player here. Just saying Hi. Started playing last week and look forward to many weeks ahead.

    Not trying to be negative, but low level content will be lonely due to Nexon nerfing the first 85 levels of content to be solo. Some tips I have is to use story progression mode to speed through the leveling process.

    Utilize season 1 (lvl 1-70) to experiment with your character. The bosses here are pure punching bags that will go down without much of a fight so learn your character's rotations and figure out your play style.

    Season 2 (lvl 71-85) is where bosses will start to become a little more competent and pose a mild threat. If you're well-versed in hack n slash games you shouldn't have a problem, but I still recommend applying what you learned in the first season to workout any kinks you may have in developing your skill with your character.

    Season 3 (lvl 85+). Even after you complete season 2, I recommend that you stick around S2 and fight bosses like Cromm, Lakoria, Ulchas, etc. This will give you more practice with your character and grind you to level 90 which will net you a free set of gear via Level Up Rewards. Once you have the free gear set in hand you're set to start progressing season 3.

    Be sure to use the quick battle system for raids instead of making boats normally via the board. If you make a boat on the board, people are only going to see it if they're looking for that battle. If you make it via a quick battle, it will send out a notification to everyone on the server that happens to have that battle favorited which will lead to you getting party members almost instantly depending upon the time of day when the party is made.

    Also, finding an active and helpful Guild always helps. You can't always rely on randoms to fill your boat's so having guildies to fall back on for battle support as well as general knowledge about the game is very valuable.

    With all that being said, welcome to Vindictus! I hope you will be able to tolerate the lonely grind up to endgame where the majority of the player base is and I look forward to possibly encountering and fighting alongside you in battle. ~Cheers
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