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Emer's Guide to Basic Eira Gamplay

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Emerthyst’s Eira Guidebook

Eira is the 14th character released in Vindictus. She wields two magical mana revolvers with a run and gun playstyle leading to high intensity and snap decision making to optimize her damage.

1. The Basics
-Eira is a magic attack character so you want to be buying intelligence (INT) raising equipment to increase her damage output.
-Like most characters in Vindictus, Eira’s smashes are her highest damage dealers so you will want to raise the smash mastery and skill ranks on her most damaging smashes first.
-Eira’s main mechanic that separates her from other characters is her ability to create portals to jump around the battlefield dodging incoming enemy attacks.
-Eira has other dodges namely weave a short roll like spear lann and inverse shot a backflip used to disengage like Lynn’s little rat
-Eira’s normal (L) attacks are insignificant when compared to her smash (R) attacks

2. Eira’s Smashes
Your main damage output comes from eira’s ability to do combo smash extensions after performing her basic smash. Ex. LL -> RRR(bullet storm), LLL -> RR(warp blast) and LLLL -> RR(Disrupter shot)

These combo extenders are not available on a fresh level 1 Eira and must be unlocked as you level up.

The strongest smash is the bullet storm combo where Eira will spin around 3 times doing a small cone aoe of damage in front her for 9 hits of damage. These smashes are quick and have a short recovery after performing them. This combo can also be done out of a portal by pressing RRR after entering a portal or using chaos warp.

The Warp Blast is not a commonly used set of smashes in Eiras damage rotation but can come in handy when dealing with large amounts of normal mobs in a straight line.

The Disrupter Shot combo is her longest reaching smash for long ranged mobs but is also lacking in damage when compared to bullet storm.

3. Skill Actives
Chaos warp is your get out of jail for free card when encountering a red un-dodge able attack as it ignores the red attack mechanic.

Phase Burst like the name implies is a quick option when all other sp actives are on cooldown and counts for spear kills for titles.

Mana Phase is a strong buff to active as it gives Eira free mana for using portals with no downside.

Infinity shot is great active to use when an enemy is downed because otherwise it is easy to miss all the damage shots from this skill.

Quantum Ruin is her greatest active in terms of damage and ease of use you pop into the ground and reappear on top of an enemy for maximum damage.

Waveform Collapse is her 1000sp ultimate skill and like others it holds an enemy down for a short duration allowing your raid party to do additional damage.

Now for her “Rounds” R key skills while stationary actives:

Flux Rounds is used to gain mana quickly

Gravity Rounds shoots a gravity portal at the ground doing a lot of damage if the boss stays inside and usually one hitting normal mobs. This skill is a great tool for restoring stamina when low as it restores stamina per tick of damage.

Entropic Rounds is a damage amplifier and you want this skill applied to an enemy as much as possible.

4. Don’t forget fashion is everything especially cute fashion!

That pretty much covers all you need to get started with Eira and I hope everyone has a fun time making portals like I do!

IGN: Emerthyst
Server: NA