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My Guidebook for Eira

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Welcome to my guide for Miul.., I mean Eira. She uses dual mana revolvers as her main weapon, and is an INT char. Eira fights close to mid range and her playstyle varies depending on how you choose to play her, she is mostly a hit and run char though. Or maybe hit and warp in Eira’s case. I’ll refer to most skills by their trigger buttons and name, but if you find yourself confused you can refer to the list of skills below.

Eira's Skills
A list of all of Eira’s skills, their awakenings, descriptions, SP and MP costs.
L is Normal, R is Smash, K is Kick, Tab is Tab

unknown.png Active: Phase Burst (250 SP Default) (Awakening; Damage or Knockdown Rate)
- Opens several portals that produce spears, and launches them.
- It's hard to hit with all of them but this attack has the potential to do massive damage.
- As the skill's rank increases the damage increases

unknown.png Active: Chaos Warp (200 SP Default) (Awakening; Reduce Cooldown or Reduce SP Consumption)
- Opens a portal to quickly move.
- While moving through the portal, you won't be attacked and can even move through enemies.
- Unlike Portal Leap, you cannot choose the location or timing of exiting the portal. However, you can activate this more quickly than Portal Leap from most motions.
- Depending on the enemy location, you may move farther than with Portal Leap.
- When exiting the portal, you will be facing towards the enemy you last attacked or the enemy clsoest to you.
- You can link to several attacks while moving with Active: Chaos Warp or immediately after you exit the portal.
- As the skill's rank increases, the coooldown decreases.
[Can R during to use Bullet Storm, or L to fire once and dodge (Weave), can R after exit to Disruptor Shot or L for Warp Shot.]

unknown.png Active: Mana Phase (150 SP Default) (No Awakening)
- Enhances the mana flow in your body, restoring MP and Stamina.
- Regenerates MP and Stamina for a short time.
- As the skill's rank increases, duration and regeneration amount increases.

unknown.png Active: Infinity Shot (500 SP Default) (Awakening; Damage or Knockdown Rate)
- Rapidly fires both Mana Revolvers to create a massive barrage of bullets from the portals.
- As the skill's rank increases, the damage increases.

unknown.png Active: Quantum Ruin (750 SP Default) (Awakening; Damage or Knockdown Rate)
- Leaps in the air, dives into a portal on the ground, appears above the enemy, and uses spears to pin down the target.
- After diving into the portal, you can decide the direction to move in with directional keys.
- After a few seconds or when you press the smash button, you will come out of the portal and perform the attack.
- While using the skill, you cannot be attacked by enemies.
- As the skill's rank increases the damage increases.
[You can exit quickly by using R]

unknown.png Active: Waveform Collapse (1000 SP Default) (Awakening; Damage)
- Binds the enemy and unleashes a concentrated stream of shots while swiftly moving around the area.
- As the skill's rank increases, the damage increases.

unknown.png Bullet Storm (Awakening; Damage or Knockdown Rate) [LLR]
- Spins and blazes away with the Mana Revolvers.
- Useful when facing many foes.
- Can be linked while moving with Portal Leap or Active: Chaos Warp.
- As the skill's rank increases, the damage increases.

unknown.png Disruptor Shot (Awakening; Damage or Knockdown Rate) [LLLLR]
- Attacks enemies with immense firepower.
- Can be linked after Portal Leap or Active: Chaos Warp.
- As the skill's rank increases, the damage increases.

unknown.png Mana Launcher (Awakening; Damage or Knockdown Rate) [LR]
- Fires at the ground, launching nearby enemies into the air with an explosion.
- As the skill's rank increases, the damage increases.

unknown.png Portal Leap (No Awakening) [Tab] [Tab again to exit]
- Opens a portal and warps through it.
- You can decide the destination by pressing the directional keys.
- You are invincible while moving, and can pass through enemies.
- The longer Portal Leap is activated, the more MP it will consume. As the skill's rank increases, MP cost decreases.
- You exit the portal after a few seconds, when you use all your MP, or when you use Portal Leap again.
- You can link to various attacks while moving with Portal Leap or immediately after you finish moving.

Portal Leap Combo's;
[L] during Portal Leap results in you firing once, and then dodging.
[R] during Portal Leap results in Bullet Storm.
[L] after exiting Portal Leap results in Warp Shot.
[R] after exiting Portal Leap results in Disruptor Shot.

unknown.png Warp Shot (Awakening; Damage or Knockdown Rate) [LLLR]
- Quickly closes the distance with an enemy and fires.
- Useful when you want toget up close and personal.
- Activate by pressing [L] during the linking motion from Portal Leap or Active: Chaos Warp.
- As the skill's rank increases, the damage increases.

unknown.png Weave (No Awakening) [Dodge] [R while running or during dodge for additional attack]
- Leaps forward for a quick dodge.
- Press a directional key to pick which way to dodge.
- As the skill's rank increases, the longer the invincibility lasts, and the less stamina it requires.
- At Rank C, can fire forward and use Weave while running.
- At Rank A, can perform an additional attack while kneeling during weave.

unknown.png Distortion Shield (No Awakening) [Dodge while not pressing a directional key]
- Twists space in front of you to block attacks.
- You need MP to use Distortion Shield.
- Blocking an enemy attack will absorb some MP.
- As the skill's rank increases, it will activate with less MP and increase the MP absorbed by blocking.

unknown.png Bullet Rain (Awakening; Damage or Knockdown Rate) [LLRR]
- Bullet Rain allows you to make an additional attack after Bullet Storm.
- After Bullet Storm, spins in the opposite direction and rapidly fires the mana revolvers.
- As the skill's rank increases, the damage increases.

unknown.png Flux Rounds [30 MP] (Awakening; Damage) [Forward Directional Key during Mana Munitions]
- Rapidly fires a hail of Flux Rounds ahead.
- Hitting enemies with Flux Rounds grants faster MP recovery.
- The firing direction changes depending on the camera direction.
- As the skill's rank increases, damage and MP gain increase.

unknown.png Mana Munitions (No Awakening) [Hold R] [Cancel by Backward Directional Key or let go of R]
- Loads the Mana Revolvers with special enchanted ammunition.
- Use the directional buttons once the skill is active to select Flux Rounds, Gravity Rounds, or Entropic Rounds.
- As the skill's rank increases, these attacks will activate at lower MP.

unknown.png Bullet Hail (Awakening; Damage or Knockdown Rate) [LLRRR]
- Bullet Hail allows you to make additional attack after Bullet Rain.
- After Bullet Rain, jumps and rapidly fires the Mana Revolvers while spinning.
- As the skill's rank increases, the damage increases.

unknown.png Inverse Shot (Awakening; Damage) [Kick during smash or active skills] [Additional Attack: L after landing]
- Fires the Mana Revolvers while springing backward with a mana-assisted leap.
- Can only be used while attacking with smashes or active skills. Useful when pulling back from enemies.
- As the skill's rank increases, the damage increases and it activates at lower stamina.
- At Rank C, can fire forward after landing and dashing back towards enemies.

unknown.png Warp Blast (Awakening; Damage or Knockdown) [LLLRR]
- Warp Blast allows you to make an additional attack after Warp Shot.
- Fires while moving even closer.
- As the skill's rank increases, the damage increases.

unknown.png Disruptor Blast (Awakening; Damage or Knockdown Rate) [LLLLRR]
- Disruptor Blast allows you to make an additional attack after Disruptor Shot.
- Flips backward and attacks enemies.
- As the skill's rank increases, the damage increases.

unknown.png Gravity Rounds [30 MP] (Awakening; Damage or Knockdown)
- Fires at the ground to create an anti-gravity field.
- Weak enemies inside the field are suspended, while strong enemies take damage over time.
- Restores Stamina when it damages enemies.
- Weak enemies restore your Stamina once. Strong enemies restore your Stamina every time they take damage.
- As the skill's rank increases, the damage increases.

unknown.png Entropic Rounds [30 MP] (Awakening; Damage) [Right Directional Key during Mana Munitions
- Fires an Entropic Round ahead, which weakens the enemy it strikes.
- The enemy takes more damage for a short time.
- As the skill's rank increases, the initial bullet damage and weakening effect increase.
*Entropic Round only applies to yourself.

Key things to remember about Eira;

- Chaos Warp and Quantum Ruin can i-frame red attacks.
- Flux Rounds are for generating mana mostly.
- Entropic Rounds increase your damage by 20% and should always be used when available.
- Entropic Rounds = 60 Second Cooldown. Gravity Shot = 45 Second Cooldown. Flux Rounds = 30 Second Cooldown. The Cooldown timer is shown next to your normal buffs/debuffs.
- You can press Tab again after portal leap, to exit early and not waste a lot of mana.
- Using Portal Leap (Tab) or Weave (Directional Key + Space) after smash is important to shorten the pause time after a smash.
- Spamming Tab+RRR over and over is better than using Inverse Shot after each one.
- Invincibility Frame moves are Portal Leap, Weave, Distortion Shield, Chaos Warp, Quantum Ruin and Waveform Collapse.
- Waveform Collapse is an Ultimate, it can generally only be used once in a battle, and can’t be used in Redeemers. Ultimate’s are for holding a boss, not damaging it yourself. There are also times when an ultimate will not work.
- All Mana Munition Rounds (Gravity, Flux, Entropic) cost 30 Mana.


A lot of Eira’s moves can be combo’d with portal leap or/and inverse shot indefinitely so long as you have stamina and are hitting your shots.

Note that when you exit Portal Leap you don’t need to do normals to get the smash, you can smash the second you get out of the portal. So just Tab+Tab+RR works instead of Tab+Tab+LLLLRR.

Tab + RRR = AoE chainable combo, good for clearing mobs, good dps against bosses. This is your highest damage combo.

Tab + L = Simply shoot once and dodge.

Tab + Tab + RR = Your strongest single hit damage attack.

Tab + Tab + LR = Similar to to RR except this one brings you closer to the boss, the other one pushes you away after the second shot. Also does slightly less damage than RR.

Inverse Shot, and Weave (Rank A) have an additional attack that will mess you up if you try to use Mana Munitions after using one of them. So to avoid, don't max them. Or just pause a bit after weave or inverse before using Mana Munitions.

Those are Eira’s main combos.
You will see many other combos mentioned by players. Lots of moves can be combo’d with portal leap and and inverse shot. That doesn’t always mean they’re good and effective combos however. You can use inverse shot for extra damage, but it’s slow and leaves you defenceless while the boss is attacking. So, feel free to add it in while mobbing, or if a boss is still. But it’s much faster to just do smashes and portal leap. Faster usually means more dps unless you throw away all your dps to become sonic. That’s another story.

Skill Priority for Eira;

Battle Respiration - Increases how much stamina you regenerate per second. Very important, or you'll find yourself out of breath a lot.
Mana Phase - A passive active that will help restore stamina and Mana as you fight. Important.
Portal Leap - You'll use this a lot, if it's not maxed it will consume A LOT of Mana so you want this maxed asap.
Smash Mastery - Will increase the damage of smashes, so all your combos will do more damage.
Critical Mastery - Will increase your chances of a critical hit as well as the damage a critical hit does. Very important.
Willpower Mastery - Increases chances for critical and life flare.
Agility Mastery - Increases Defense and Stamina Regen
Bullet Hail, Leap, Storm - Your highest damage combo, if it’s maxed it’ll deal 35% more damage at max.
Distortion Shield - Will save you when Portal Leap or Weave can't. At the cost of 15 Mana when maxed (this costs 30 mana at Rank A, a successful block gains 15 mana, which is why I say 15 mana.)
Disruptor Shot - 4th Smash, high damage, useful when Bullet Rain isn’t a good choice, as it's much faster. Best used when the boss is moving a lot and you can’t get in a full Bullet Combo (RRR).
Weave - You may want to skill this to the point before the additional attack gets added, or you might find it very annoying or problematic as it'll interrupt your usage of Mana Munitions at times. Upgrading this increases the length of invincibility frames it gives.
Phase Burst - A cheap and very strong active. Works similarly to a shotgun. Important.
Infinity Shot - similar to Phase Burst but works like a barrage of bullets. Important.
Quantum Ruin - Somewhat expensive but very high damage and useful active. Important.
Intelligence Mastery - Increases INT which increases M.ATT.

After those in that order, you can skill anything however you want. Those are just the most important and most used skills.

Artifacts for Eira

This is based on opinion and playstyle.

Cat Statue;
If you’re constantly hitting the boss with your combo’s you won’t have an SP issue so Cat Statue isn’t super necessary. However having Cat Statue does help you be able to use Quantum Ruin, Phase Burst, or Infinity Shot faster so long as they’re not on CD.

Succubus Fang;
You have HP Potions, a block, a dodge and a portal leap, you can always escape, heal and come back. So there’s really no need for this, however if you do struggle with keeping your health up, this could be useful for you until you learn the timings and patterns of bosses and your skills.

Werewolf Paw;
This is in my opinion the artifact Eira should use, it increases your attack speed so you would be dealing more damage for a certain amount of time, because you’d be hitting the boss more often.

Phoenix Bundle;
This can be helpful for Redeemers, as it can help you survive Gate (move where hella hard hitting spears shoot at you). If you can’t survive it. It’s a nice extra to have in case you find yourself in a situation where you might die and would like to survive with 1 hp.

Lion Statue;
Extremely useless, it’s just a large HP Potion.

Werewolf Paw recommended, Cat Statue optional, Succy Fang unnecessary, Phoenix Bundle useful extra, Lion Statue, useless just use hp potions. Others, for fun.

Transformation; Paladin or Dark Knight?

Unless this is changed in the future, the only difference in DK and Pal are that DK has life steal, while Pal shoots orbs that will attack other mobs. Also DK is dark and Pal is bright.
So it’s all about appearance, do you want to be a shiny blue knight? Or a dark knight? And do you want your trans to show a bullet that does a star (Paladin) or to walk through a portal to trans (Dark Knight).

Maximizing Damage with Eira

The way you start off a boss fight is very situational.

Mana Phase first.

Gravity Round (R + A) then Entropic Rounds (R + D) after this there are various ways to continue.


a) Activate Wereful Paw and begin to spam the Tab+RRR combo.

b) Activate Cat Statue and Phase Burst the boss right away.

c) No statue, just start Tab+RRR spamming.

Don’t forget to time when you Portal Leap (Tab) as timing it properly is how you avoid being hit. Sometimes you will need to use Weave (Directional Key + Space) and Distortion Shield (Space) to avoid hits.

For Example; Dullahan’s basic move is one slash, and another slash. Unless you have the speed to fit a full RRR after portalling his first slash and portal to avoid the next you would dodge the first hit, then portal leap the second one and RRR into him.

In certain situations you may Entropic Round without using Gravity Round. You don’t always have to use them together. Especially since Entropic has a 1 minute cooldown and Gravity has a 45 second cooldown, you’ll often find yourself with Gravity available and Entropic on CD.
If a boss is mobile and moving a lot, Entropic and Tab+Tab+RR (Portal Leap + Disruptor Shot) spam is your best choice, make sure they hit of course or you’ll lose mana and eventually find yourself unable to portal leap anymore without using normal smashes, mana phase or flux rounds.

That’s pretty much Eira’s full playstyle, you do want to Flux Rounds occasionally to keep your mana up if it’s half or low. Also sometimes using Tab+Tab LR is better than RR because that can be cancelled easier. Also note that an easy way to fast cancel those moves is to inverse shot, dodge or portal after the first hit.

There are ways to extend your i-frames. You have Weave, Distortion Shield and Portal Leap. You have Chaos Warp and Quantum Ruin as well which can dodge red moves (moves that can’t be blocked or dodged through with normal i-frame moves).

During Dullahan when he is down to around 3 bars, he will start spamming the move where he slams the sword in the ground and releases a red and blue circle. Most people will constantly stagger him during that to make sure he doesn’t reach center and dies before he starts the part where you have to stay at the edge and avoid the soul attacks. So.
Surviving that; you want to Quantum Ruin through the first red circle, then you want to Chaos Warp through the next one. After that you can Trans to avoid the next circle. After that you’re pretty much tanking every red circle. You could use Phoenix Bundle to tank one more red circle when your health is really low.


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    Stat Info;

    Balance - Chance of how much damage a hit will do, higher balance means higher minimum damage you will deal. Low balance means your hits will be really weak. You always want balance at 90.

    Critical - Chance of hitting a crit (more damage). The higher this is, the more damage you can potentially squeeze out from each hit. Also depends on a bosses crit cap of course.

    Attack Speed - How fast your attacks are made, more attack speed means faster moves, means more hits/damage per second.

    Crit Resistance - Chance of you avoiding being critically hit by a boss move.

    Counter Force - This applies to Raid bosses from Claire and after. Higher CF means the boss will resist your attack less. Refer to this chart for specific information on how CF works.


    M.Att (Magic Attack) - is how much base damage you deal, this is a guide for Eira who is an INT char, INT chars damage comes from M.Att not Att. That’s why I’m only mentioning this.

    Defense - higher def means less damage from normal attacks by bosses/mobs/others, Agility gives Def too.

    Agility - increases your def, stamina Regen and speeds up time it takes to get up after being knocked down

    Will power - higher will means more hp, and higher chance for critical. As well as decreased chances of being knocked down or killed

    Int - increases m.att, shortens meditation time, can help int chars lift heavier objects

    (If anything's wrong and someone corrects me, I'll update. Thanks.)

    Server: North America
    IGN: NotMiul
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