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Guidebook by Death_Gunner (EU)

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skills descripted while maxed with ap!

Active: Phase Burst:
sp 250
open Portals which are Shooting spears (Count for spear kill titles aswell)

Disruptor shoot:
4x lmb 1x rmb Combo

Portal leap:
tab dodge which consuming mana

0,42 inv time which consumes 11 Stamina
Forward dodge

Active: Mana Phase:
restore 3 mana and 6 Stamina for 20 secs
usually buff for getting mana and Stamina

Bullet rain:
2x lmb - 1x rmb - 1x rmb
op for mob clear in Combo with Tab dodge for instantly repeating this skill

Mana Munitions:
can activated for 30 Mana
for different Kinds of Special ammo

Inverse shot:
just an additional attack Right after a Smash Combo attack while Pressing R after Smash

Disruptor blast:
4x lmb - 1x rmb - 1x rmb
another normal fight Combo

Active: Infinity Shot:
sp cost 500
opens a Portal behind you which let you shoot like a machinegun RAATATATATATA

Quantum Ruin:
sp cost 750
let you get in a Portal and you Control that you come out above enemy and let alot of spears get through his Body

Bullet Storm:
2xlmb 1xrmb
another normal fight Combo

Mana Launcher:
1xlmb 1xrmb
another fight Combo

warp shot:
3xlmb 1xrmb
another fight Combo

Chaos Warp:
sp cost 200
ultimate dodge let you dodge even red attacks

Disortion Shield:
mana cost 30 gives 15 mana back
normal dodge while dont move with dodge key

Flux rounds:
Special ammo which let you shoot fast bullets which let you gain mana back

Gravity Rounds:
let you shoot a Aoe field under enemy which is making continiously dmg About him

Entropic Rounds:
let you debuff a enemy boss which makes him 20% weaker for 20 secs

Active: Waveform collapse:
sp cost 1000
stun skill from Eira

have fun with this guide ofc not the best but i tried it ^^

Server: EU
IGN: Death_Gunner