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It's been 8 years

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I used to play back when the Gnoll Chieftain was hard. I feel so old.


  • ZephanZephan
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    Same here, I played for a couple years from the Closed Beta up until late 2012 I think, though I did play very occasionally over the years to check out new characters that seemed cool, but very casually and I never got any characters past level 70 or so. Speaking as someone who had the most fun in this game working out how to solo raids (back when that was actually hard to do), it's a shame how much they dumbed down the game with RISE, but I get why they thought it was necessary with the tiny population compared to the old days; if people had to wait for parties for all the old content, they'd just get stuck and leave.

    I don't think there was any point that the Gnoll Chieftain was considered hard though. :P
  • TaikichiTaikichi
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    Well when you're a staff evie, with a pre-built PC that struggles to get 30 fps on the lowest settings in 2011 before the staff evie buffs, you would have trouble killing those new spiders that you can step on nowadays. Not hyperbole.

    I mean he wasn't that hard, I don't think I ever died to him. Probably died to the polar bear a few times, and never beat Irukul without dying a few times.

    It's funny there's not really a big fan following a for a vanilla vindictus. Practically all the changes they've made have been objectively positive ones.
  • AlisakissaAlisakissa
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    Ah.. good old Vindictus, i miss it so much! :)
  • NavNav
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    Was only available Lann, Fiona, Evie & max lvl was 60. Ivory weapons were popular.
  • Chambot1337Chambot1337
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    Come Back we miss you :)