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Venerator's Guidebook to Eira

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Eira is the 14th mercenary to join Vindictus.
Int Based Class.
Extra Resource bar: MP
Weapon: Mana Revolvers
Weapon Crafting Expertise: Weaponsmithing
Recommended Artifact: Greater Werewolf Paw

L = Normal Attack Key
R = Smash Attack Key
K = Kick Key
Tab = Portal Leap
Block = Distortion Shield
Dodge = Weave


6ZYxi5b.png Distortion Shield
Cost: 30 MP
Returns: 15 MP per hit absorbed
Activation: No directional dodge input

- Blocks an incoming attack returning MP per hit absorbed

NyBQSJU.png Weave
Activation: Directional Key and Dodge Key

- Standard Dodge

Fe9JDKn.png Portal Leap
Cost: 50 MP standard L/R cancel or 40 MP Tab canceling or 100 MP full time inside
Activation: Tab

- The bread and butter skill of Eira. This move allows you to dodge attacks and when you exit the portal you can do smashes after.
- When you exit this move you start at your 2nd normal.
- Consumes MP rather fast so its best to exit as soon as you can.
- Can use fgZRS8k.png Paw while in portal.

4 Options to exit this move.

1. Press Tab again - exits portal can press L to use GPTmLzh.png Warp Shot or R to use UgWJ3Ny.png Disruptor Shot
2. L - exits portal using a weak smash attack which can be followed with R.
3. R - exits portal using M9D0AwM.png Bullet Storm
4. Nothing - exits when you run out of MP or after you reach the max time allowed inside.

Eira features a revolver system for buffs. To access these skills you press R while not in movement.

4Zr0U4Q.png Mana Munitions
Activation: R

- This is a stance that allows you to choose what actives to use.

The next 3 Abilities can only be used while in this stance.

jpLfM3W.png Entropic Rounds [D]
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Cost: 30 MP
Debuff Time: 20 seconds
Recommended Awakening: 10% Damage

- Increases damage dealt by 20% for all of Eira’s attacks for 20 seconds (Not including trans spear).
- Only to the target hit with the shot.

AqXVUfE.png Gravity Rounds [A]
Cooldown: 45 seconds
Cost: 30 MP
Recommended Awakening: 10% Damage
Hits: 8 Times

- Puts a field on the floor dealing damage to everything inside of it and restoring stamina per hit
- Eira’s best damaging skill because you can attack while it is on the ground dealing damage.
- Should be on CD all the time but if you know the boss is going to move away hold it until it stays put again..

xUaaKSD.png Flux Rounds [W]
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Cost: 30 MP
Recommended Awakening: 10% Damage

- Gains MP per hit
- Use only when you are low on MP


7Gt1ai5.png Chaos Warp
Cost: 200 SP
Recommended Awakening: -70 SP

- Can dodge red hits, has far movement that go towards the boss.
- Best used to gap close or dodge red hits.
- Situational usage.

PCPAKYm.png Infinity Shot
Cost: 500 SP
Recommended Awakening: 10% Damage

- You should only try to use this move if you know you can land all of its hits and not get interrupted while using it.

pZ79HCT.png Phase Burst
Cost: 250 SP
Recommended Awakening: 10% Damage

- Extremely good skill to use should use it whenever you can land all its hits.
- This should almost always be off of cooldown.
- Not worth using if you do not land the majority of it so bosses like Succubus it is bad to use.

bQGRwbW.png Quantum Ruin
Cost: 750 SP
Returns: 275 MP
Recommended Awakening: 10% Damage

- When used Eira jumps into the ground and you can move while under. By clicking R again you can exit early.

vVGE9DS.png Waveform Collapse
Cost: 1000 SP
Recommended Awakening: 10% Damage

- This is Eira’s version of the Hold Skill
- Best used to cancel attacks or Hold locking a boss down.

RUJbzRy.png Mana Phase
Cost: 150 SP
Buff Time: 20 seconds
Cooldown: 1 minutes 30 seconds

- This move gains Eira stamina and MP over time.
- This move should be used when you need either stamina or MP.


iZdzVKq.png Inverse Shot
Kick (After smash or active)
Recommended Awakening: 10% Damage

- This can be done after any attack or ability
- Only really useful to use 4Zr0U4Q.png Mana Munitions right after or to get better positioning to use PCPAKYm.png Infinity Shot or pZ79HCT.png Phase Burst. It is generally better to use 6ZYxi5b.png Distortion Shield if you want to use those though.
- Also can be used to animation cancel by hitting and releasing R quickly.

zkj4E2w.png Mana Launcher
Recommended Awakening: 10% Damage

- Eira’s basic first smash attack.
- Not a very useful skill but could be used to fit small amounts of damage where otherwise you can’t. It is better to use portal and position yourself better to use bigger smashes.

M9D0AwM.png Bullet Storm
LLR or TabR
Recommended Awakening: 10% Damage

- Hits 2 times.

xuNKKue.png Bullet Rain
Recommended Awakening: 10% Damage

- Hits 3 times.
- Can only be used after Bullet Storm.

CNzHVrU.png Bullet Hail
Recommended Awakening: 10% Damage

- Hits 4 times.
- Can only be used after Bullet Rain.

GPTmLzh.png Warp Shot
LLLR or TabTabLR
Recommended Awakening: 10% Damage

- Not that useful of a skill but can be used to fit a quick smash where you would not fit one otherwise.

UwYcMyv.png Warp Blast
Recommended Awakening: 10% Damage

- Can only be used after Warp Shot.
- Moves forward on the shot

UgWJ3Ny.png Disruptor Shot
LLLLR or TabTabR
Recommended Awakening: 10% Damage

- Quick smash a bit slower than Warp Shot

uCzUTSy.png Disruptor Blast
Recommended Awakening: 10% Damage

- Can only be used after Disruptor Shot
- Jumps back on the shot


Fe9JDKn.png Portal Leap -> M9D0AwM.png Bullet Storm -> xuNKKue.png Bullet Rain -> CNzHVrU.png Bullet Hail

- This is your main DPS combo can loop over and over because you gain more MP than you use if you hit all of its hits.
- When using these moves you want to stick as close to the boss as possible so all of its hits hit.
- After the final CNzHVrU.png Bullet Hail you can press Tab and use Fe9JDKn.png Portal Leap and repeat this combo.
- You do not have to finish the entire combo you could stop halfway and portal to reset it.
- You can use Fe9JDKn.png Portal Leap/iZdzVKq.png Inverse Shot/6ZYxi5b.png Distortion Shield anytime mid combo to cancel if you are about to be hit.

Fe9JDKn.png Portal Leap -> Fe9JDKn.png Portal Leap (Cancel) -> UgWJ3Ny.png Disruptor Shot -> uCzUTSy.png Disruptor Blast

- You use this when you cannot fit at least a Fe9JDKn.png Portal Leap -> M9D0AwM.png Bullet Storm -> xuNKKue.png Bullet Rain. Even if you can’t use the final part of this smash combo it is more damage.
- This combo has fair range and useful for hitting rapidly moving targets like Balor’s Horse when running where otherwise you cannot land the Bullet Combo.
- Combo can be repeated.


In a typical run you generally want to start the run using

RA -> RD
AqXVUfE.png Gravity Rounds -> jpLfM3W.png Entropic Rounds

Then DPS using

Fe9JDKn.png Portal Leap -> fgZRS8k.png Paw (while in portal) -> M9D0AwM.png Bullet Storm -> xuNKKue.png Bullet Rain -> CNzHVrU.png Bullet Hail

Until you gain enough SP to start using actives.

Depending on boss the best active to use depends on the situation and how much SP you have available at the time.

You ALWAYS should have these actives on CD.

AqXVUfE.png Gravity Rounds
Gives the highest amount of damage overtime costing only 30 MP to use.

jpLfM3W.png Entropic Rounds
Increases your damage done by 20%.

pZ79HCT.png Phase Burst
Good solid DPS.

The Big Damage:

PCPAKYm.png Infinity Shot
bQGRwbW.png Quantum Ruin

Both of these do large amounts of damage and massive hitboxes. If possible it is best to use them to multi hit bosses like during Neit’s body slam or Aes’s Braha double punch. If there is no opportunity for those types of attacks use it off of CD constantly.

The Stamina/MP gainer:

RUJbzRy.png Mana Phase

This move normally will always be on CD if you are attacking consistently due to the nice stamina and MP gain you get from it.

The Situational:

xUaaKSD.png Flux Rounds
Use it only when you are about to run out of MP. Remember that it will cost 30 MP to use.

7Gt1ai5.png Chaos Warp
A very useful skill that allows you to dodge red attacks or stuff like Glas’s Reverse Gravity attack when used at the right time.


Server: North America
IGN: Veneratoria