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ikevi's Eira Tips

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Hi folks,

So this Guide is more for those that really haven't played Vindictus for a long time and decided to pick Eira. I don't know how crazy/long it will get, but lets see how it goes. Additions will be made as I get more time (In general more pictures etc.) Feel free to PM me for areas you would like more info on.

1) Starting the game. You can launch Vindictus either using steam of Nexon's launcher. Both have their own ups and downs, but personally I tend to use the Nexon launcher more often than not now. (Both launchers are setup to input your Username/password now, so you no longer can easily change accounts.)

2) Input your Crimson code. (Note over the years there have been many password breaches so it is highly suggested you have this setup ASAP.)

3) Select an open character slot and select the lowest right character. (Have your sound on to hear a brief description if you want.)
-You now of the option to make her look as good as you can. Sadly a lot of the hair/inners are locked under a pay wall, but pick what look you want out of the free options.
-Remember it will cost $ to change your look so spend some time getting your looks as close to what you want.
-Size no longer affect speed so feel free to go for a taller Eira ;-)

4) Pick your name. Many tend to be tacken by now, so check. (Sadly you can't use symbols, but many folks will resort to using other letters, says xXikeviXx to get their name.)

5) Prelude episode. Feel free to watch the cutscene if you want + have fun with Teive. Most folks tend to skip this (esc + ok) and just start in Town ASAP.

6) Now you can have fun with the game. You have to go to the Mercenary outpost to get your first mission. Then walk to the board. (Just follow the blue dotted lines + click on people that have red bubbles next to them.)
-When at the board it tends to be best to just click Story Progression Mode for most of this till you get to lv 90 raids. (Then use the quick launch K option and select the run you want to join/make. K becomes available once you are at lv 11)
-Very quickly you can stop walking all over the place. Either click the continue story option, or just use M and select the bubble next to your mission.
-For lvling purposes + enjoyment of the game I highly suggest you just follow the story. You should be lvl 100 well before you get to raids that give you lv 100 drops.
-NOTE this is a game, don't force yourself to just lvl. You will burn out quickly. Especially mid way in S3. It tends to go very fast to ~lv 90, but the last 10 lvls can become annoying.
-Remember to at least look at the side missions. Many get done just by doing the story and can give some good xp.

7) Other tips.
Remember have fun. Personally if find Eira extremely easy to get into.
- I found it was smart to get every specific Eira skill unlocked quickly. Most of the fun stuff is all unlocked by lvl 23. Much earlier than the other characters.
-It can be great fun just warping all over the place. She is by far the most fun in early lvl compared to the other characters.
-Go into options + advanced settings and play around with if you like to attack where the camera faces.
- Use S1 and S2 as a way to learn her move sets. Well more how to move from one set to the other -> IE there are lots of good combos L x4 + Rx2 + tab + mouse again + R + mouse that can keep rotating.
-In general you will be much to strong till ~lv 90 and even then the free gear helps a ton. Just make sure to keep changing out your armor/weapons as they are given to you. (Though sometimes it is smarter to just stay with a +6 weapon over the clean one they gave you.)


-Pump AP into Combat Mastery + Smash Master + Critical Hit + Armor Mastery + Mana Revolver Mastery whenever you can.
-I didn't have many stamina issues till high lvl raids, and even then I haven't passed Rank 9 yet, so in general this is isn't an wise one to invest early in.
-I am sure there are other folks that outline the optimum skills to pump AP into. But honestly you don't need to be too focused on them with Eira. Just get everything I haven't outlined to Rank E or so first and then start focusing on things you find yourself using more often.
-Once you get to the lv 90 content it may be smart to have your hp pot skill to ~rank A.

Combat Tips
-Many folks tend to use Entropic Rounds + Gravit Rounds when starting a raid. And then keep using them when available.
-Infinity Shot tends to be better to use first due to counters + how quick bosses die. Than once you have enough SP Quantum Ruin, by the time you get enough SP for Infinity the timer should be done. (Just keep cycling them whenever possible.)

Well this is honestly the part of Eira that seems easy to forget. Personally I tend to warp all over the place and manage do not get hit often. But to be able to do this you have to time before the boss swipes.
Early off I found myself getting hit because I was timing it like a lann. If you are having that type of issue, ie waiting to long to warp try using her stationary space bar (like arisha), this block can do wonders. (Or her roll is great to use too. Space + direction.)

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