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General AP Spending Guide for Skills

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Be reminded that you will eventually have enough AP to max all skills, regardless of what order you spend your AP.

  1. Follow Character Growth Goals
    • Navigate to this through Menu → Events → Character Growth Goals
    • Not only are these skills a priority, but the rewards return most of the AP you spend.


  2. Critical Hit and Smash Mastery
    • These take priority over individual skills because they affect all skills instead of one.

  3. Armor and Weapon Mastery
    • Spend AP on these as you acquire better gear as rewards from leveling.
    • Alternatively, you can keep them at the highest rank available.

  4. Bread-and-Butter Skills to Rank A
    • Bread-and-butter refers to your basic recommended damage rotation.
    • To determine your bread-and-butter, do the following:
      1. Familiarize yourself with all of your character's skills. Do this by watching the videos in the Skill menu and/or by using the skills in a boat or in story missions.
      2. Watch a video of your character soloing a boss. I recommend Balor, Neamhain, or Dullahan, but any boss works.
      3. Pay attention to which skills are used the majority of the time.
    • For example, Eira's bread-and-butter is Portal Leap → Bullet Storm → Bullet Rain → Bullet Hail → Repeat.

  5. Buffs and Utility
    • Buffs that apply to your character as a whole are a priority because they effectively increase the rank of all skills for their duration.
      • e.g. Eira's Entropic Bullets.
    • Other buffs, such as Fiona's Shield Enhancement, are a priority because they improve a bread-and-butter skill (in this case, Counterattack).
    • Stamina buffs are a priority for characters that run out of stamina easily.

  6. Dodge Skills
    • For characters with stamina problems, spending AP on dodges are a high priority to decrease their stamina cost.
    • For most characters, dodges only become a medium priority once bosses begin to hit harder. Spend AP on your dodge skills to increase their invulnerability duration.
    • For some parry-based characters, dodges are a bottom priority because they should be parrying instead.

  7. Other Skills to Rank A
    • Spend AP on other skills based on how often you use them.

  8. The Rest
    • At this point, there are no longer any skills with a distinguished priority.
    • You may spend AP on whichever skills you like.