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Tips and tricks for the Mage gunslinger

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If you like a fast moving and stylize range attacker, heck yeah! I believe her best range in combat in slight aways from close. She has fast damage per second and good Area of effect with her specials and normal combos. She can be interrupted in her combo attacks and her block has a tiny window but her dodges are godly. She is simple to learn to play compare to blute Lynn and does not require to reload like cross gun Kai and Tiede Hurk. Also she an INT /Magic user so they are usually cheaper to gear compare to STR/Physical players. Like her sister Arisha she has a Mana bar for her portal leaps and stuff but does not need to charge the bar.

Personally I will just say do not worry so much about it. AP drop like crazy from missions and story gifts. Well the usually priority is:
SMASH MASTERY [Passive ability to increase smash type attacks]
CRITICAL HIT [Passive ability to increase critical hit rates]
INTELLIGENCE MASTERY [Passive ability to increase magic attack]
Then her combos
Please note all skills and attacks are important and level skills on what is available at the moment . There is plenty of AP and you get more AP just by following the Charcater Growth Goals as well.

Small legend
[N] = normal attack/ left click
S = smash attack/ right click
[K] = Kick attack/ god knows what you assigned the kick to, personally as a keyboard only i have it to F and quite easy to press
[TAB] = Tab key which is her Portal Leap

Here is where I will talk about her combos and my ratings on them

Basic combo
[N] . [N] . [N] . [N]
This is Eira basic full normal combo, she shoots with her right gun, then left then right and ends with two guns.
Note she moves a bit forward on the 3rd and 4th hits.
Also her normal attacks are piercing, so she can hit the mob behind the mob you are facing.
Her 4th attack has slight bigger AOE then her normal
The range of her attack is a straight line but does not have the range like Kai more like the magic arrow of an Evie but narrow.

Well her normal kick button but instead actually kicking the mob she does a double tap to ground in front of her, I personally call this Miranda Rights (Bonus points to who get the reference from).

Mana Launcher
[N] . S
Eira Air launcher, she shoot her right run than pop a shot in front of her launch the mob to air for a short bit.
Personally I do not use this alot. Short range and not very AOE

Bullet Rain -> Bullet Hail (aka Bullet Storm)
[N] . [N] S (Bullet Rain) . S . S (Bullet Hail )
My Bread and butter when clearing mobs and taking down bosses, when she hits with Rain and Hail she does a 360 AOE damage around her . A lot of hits and a lot of damage.
She move forward during the combo and spins around.
Has a bit of homing while spinning

Warp Blast
[N] . [N] . [N] . S . S
The Warp Blast is big AOE attack in front of her , that has slight homing in the second smash where she face the closest enemy . Does not make her move around much. Slight recovery time at the end of the attack that is another thing in the guide.

Disruptor Blast
[N] . [N] . [N] . [N] . S . S
Very similar to Warp blast but the final smash will make her flip backward. Slightly larger AOE in front of her like a cone shape. The flip at the end has a long recover time to me. But you can dodge roll out it.

Inverse Shot
After any of her smash combo . [K]
I use this on everything! If you think you are done attacking, she will jump and wall kick and shoots a large cone shape AOE attack in front of her. Deals good damage but kinda leaves her vulnerable while in the air and send her back a bit.
You can also add more combos by click on [N] , S when the player lands to perform a diving shot to kneeing double gun blast.


Note these are based on my play style and opinion.

Phase Burst
[Cost 250sp]
Shoot spears in front of her
I do not use this much, feel like it is a waste of SP . Decent damage and range

Portal Leap
[Variable Mana but need at least a quarter bar to use]
Eira will open a portal and jump out. She can stay in the portal for limited timed before automatically jumping out and you can guide her a bit while inside. While inside she is invincible from normal attacks. But if she hits a wall or an object while guiding around, she will pop out of portal.
Note longer she stays in the portals, more Mana is consumed
This move can be combo into her bullet hail or distruptor blast depending when she exits the portal
If she is in her portal and player press smash she will pop up doing her bullet rain - > bullet hail combo
If she exit the portal by timing out she will be in the distruptor blast phase, note this last almost a second before reverted to default stance.
You can also tap TAB again to pop out and be in the Distruptor Blast stance instead of waiting it out.
This move is great, if the player can avoid being stuck on a wall or not hit . Eira could almost indefinite pop in and out blasting the enemies with bullet storm to get Mana back and repeat the cycle again. Combo with her debuff skill to gain extra damage.
There are other combos but I do not acknowledge them Also good to dodge attacks or get some space away.
Does have a small start up animation which can be interrupted.

Chaos Warp
[Cost:200 sp]
Like Portal Warp but does not use Mana. Unlike Portal warp the user can not choose where to exit. It has some homing feature to teleporting the player to enemies. Has the same combos as Portal Warp.
Very fast activation time and exit.
Should not be used to dodge much but more of closing in to the enemies.

Mana Phase
[Cost: 150 sp]
A buff the Eira gives herself to increase Stamina and Mana regen. Has a long startup animation but just dodge roll at the start to cancel animation and get buff.

Distortion Shield
[Mana, get lower as skill goes up]
Eira block. Cost mana to use but can regain some mana if successful block attack .
I find the activation window to be small like Whip Arisha and can not be held like Fiona shield.
Not sure about this but it can only absorb one attack so if she get a combo thrown at her she will eat a hit.
Like Bloodborne, I find dodging attacks are better than blocking.

Mana Manitions
Eira special short cut for bullets. cost mana to open and can be opened by holding down the smash key. Will display up to 3 bullet types
Flux Rounds: A short barrage of bullets in front of her, suppose hitting will get more mana. Not very useful. Prefer doing Bullet storm. Meh on the damage and range
Gravity Rounds: She will place a gravity well in front of herself. Deals constant damage to who is in it and lift up small mobs. Good damge and is like Arisha mana well attack.
Entropic Rounds: A short debuff to enemies, let's Eira deals bonus damage with her smashs and gun skills. Very useful but hard to snipe I find better to use at close range since the attack it self is very narrow. Great to combo this with anything

Infinty Shot
[Cost: 500 sp]
Ever watch that scene in Robocop (1987), this is just like it. Eira will open portals to her left and right side and unleash a barrage of gunshots. Deals multiple hit, piercing and good damage. AOE is like a rectangle with the wide side toward the player. But she can be interrupted so back away a bit and shoot at mid range.

Quantum Ruin
[Cost: 750 sp]
I like to start this with a quote;
"These are the Cubans, baby. This is the Cohibas, the Montecristos. This is a kinetic-kill, side-winder vehicle with a secondary cyclotrimethlyenetrinitamine DX burst. It’s capable of busting the bunker under the bunker you just busted. If it were any smarter, it would write a book. A book that would make Ulysses look like it was written in crayon. It would read it to you" - Justin Hammer
My gods this is a great and so much hurt skill. First Eira will teleport off and you can guide it a short distance before automatically teleporting out or you can activating it by pressing smash again.
When Eira teleport out, she brings the big bada boom with her too, dozens of spears come out with her as well with a lighting bolt finish. If you nail the enemies directly they take all the damage (Since i believe it counts per spear kinda like Evie rage conductor but more of cluster bomb payload).
When she teleports in she will move crazy fast but you do not have a lot of time to reposition the drop for maximum hurt. This move is so fast, almost no start time and the drop is instant when you click on the smash.

Wavedown Collapse
[Cost: 1000 sp]
This is Eira hold move, the range i find is pistol whipping range, so somewhat close and directly in front of the player.. I believe it activate when the first spike comes down in front. This is a good hold and keeps the boss type down a while but can end up missing if boss moves around still.

- You can almost do a dodge roll to any of lengthily end animation .
- She has a diving shot attack, sprint a bit then smash to perform a diving shot to make John Woo proud.
- SHE HAS A SPINNING FRANKENSTEINER THROW! I believe she does it near a wall or in a crowd. Even though she is shooting while spinning on mob she does not do AOE.
- Be careful of ledges, portal leap off of one will send her out.
- I play her in more open area kinda, do not get stuck in between boss and walls, really hard to get out even with portals.
- Weird note, when sitting at a fire buff, it takes at least 5 seconds for buff to register due to her sitting animation. So please wait for Eira at fires, she need to get comfy first.
- Also the cute panda grabbing the gun is Skeleton Mana Pistol. Some how Undead bones = cute panda doll. That surprised me too, swore it was a titan gear.


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