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Guidebook to Eira

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Eira Guidebook
1.Eira is a powerful char, ye if you compared with spear lynn +pain.
2.Her speed of clear map is sooo fast, i use Tab+right click+right click+right click mostly, and the sta consumption seems not too fast.
3.Use entropic rounds before starting fight
4.Use inverse shot and chaos warp to run away from damage area, or close to your target.
5.The invincibilty time of portal leap seems when it satrts and between not include when you are out of the portal leap. ( I was caught by crab boss when I came out from portal skill. i used quantum ruin, and the crab caught me when i was out of from that skill +pain)
6.That's all i think, and i just want the title. skrrrrrrrrrr.

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