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Vindictus cross gun kai rework

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edited March 28, 2019 in Suggestions and Feedback
I have a quick and simple rework for kai cross gun because it feels really underwhelming and lacks damage,make enhanced bolt buff permanent and replace the phase 1 buff with a new skill,perforate is just useless without enhanced bolt buff activated,and the other skills are not that great either without enhanced bolts,please do this,that would balance the cross gun perfectly.
Cross gun kai is the simples and most underwhelming class in the game,it only has 6 damagin skills hollow shot,perforate,six shooter bolt storm,heavy impact and the ultimate,perforate is useless without enhanced bolt,hollow shot is pretty weak without enhanced bolt,bolt storm and heavy impact are really sp heavy,the only decent skills is the ultimate and six shooter,please rework cross gun kai,at least remove enhanced bolt but make enhanced bolt effects for hollow shot and perforate permanent,and remove hunting party sp cost,at least 1 more ability wtihout sp.
Also I wouldnt't mind armed and dangerous completely removed and instead have infinite bolts,you cant lock on enemy and its so tedious to hit small enemies,so I think its only fair.