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Bow Kai Guide

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Bow Kai Guide-2019 March 25th

Hello all, Just wanted to make a basic bow guide since the bow buff a lot of old kai players have came back and using the old bow play style.

This is just from my own personal experience of maining bow and what I think is most optimal, if you have any questions or disagreements please comment below.

l'll start with awakings Fixed Shot:Damage awaking Gale Kick:Damage awaking Twister Kick:Damage awaking Ricochet Shot:Damage awaking Magnum Shot:Sp awaking
Arrow Storm:Sp awaking Chain link:Sp awaking, Sp awaking on magnum beacuse it makes magnum shot sp free.

Dungeons/mobs:Is when you should only use shortbow mode, normal attack into rapid fire(kicks after rapid fire), rico shot as much has you can and if you need an extra kick to help you kill lots of mobs theres arrow storm.

Smaller types of bosses:Here is when you should start using longbow mode, moving charged normal attack to build up your sp(dont stress over headshots all that much)and if you happen to trigger your passive skill called hunter eye i would recommended using mag shot, after doing that untill your around 500ish sp is when you use a skill called Arrow storm you should of by then hit a few hunter eye marks, when that skill is on cooldown just continuing doing moving longbow charged shot and mag shot when hunter eye pops up(you can chain rico shot with mag and arrow storm by left click)till around 1000ish sp is at the point where you just spam mag+rico combo(you want to hit every single hunter eye on a mag shot and a tip you dont really have to land your hits on the hunter eye, just aim over the mark and hit where ever you want).

Larger raid bosses forget about the arrow storm part since you will hit 5/5 hits with mag, on smaller bosses you will only hit 2-3/5.

https://gfycat.com/GranularAcceptableIzuthrush what i was talking about not to have to hit the mark only have to aim over it.

Hopefully this wasn't all that complicated, wanted to make a basic guide for bow
If you have any questions can always pm me in game Arrow95 or discord Arrow95#4769.