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Unable to play as my Evie after Global error crash

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I am unable to play as my main character XiaoMaou from NA.

First i guess is that i have crashed earlier before from Global memory issue from leaving her AFK while i am at work and such to get those event prizes and monthly log in time.

When I relog back in as XiaoMaou, i will crash in the loading the town screen and get a server response delay error message and kicked to the start screen.

If I select other characters in my account they seem to log in fine. I had a friend try logging in with various characters on his account and that is fine.

For some reason my Evie has trouble. Maybe it is something she is wearing but I doubt it

Please have some one look at this.


  • ZeroheartZeroheart
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    edited March 8, 2019
    Day 2

    It seem to resolve itself
  • [GM] Viewty[GM] Viewty
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    Zeroheart? did you submit a ticket to support for help regarding this issue? support-vindictus.nexon.net