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the skill: Double Cross

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Hi there.
I woulde like to know how do i proforme a Double Cross skill while i fight insted of AFK for like couple of seconds then click Spacse 1 Millseconds before the anmtion of the boss attack and then Right click...
there is anther way? like during my combos and such ? or i have to be AFK then HOLD the Spacse , charge it like an Idiot and wait till the boss anmtion is attacking me then click Right click .,... cuse that take me so much Free time that i can combo while i wait but i cannot cuse to Not Move and Holde Spacse that take too much time , there is a short cut for it or any good tips?


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    Calculate your attacks animation. Always be ready to press space. Space overrides most of the attacks, but for some long animations you need to wait. You can also use left click. You also need to calculate latency (if you have in the party).