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Farewell to Vindictus community!


  • DragonRiderDragonRider
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    Twln wrote: »
    Best way to quite is total uninstalling and playing another game. Come back May 15th of next month. Nexon KR who they're m selling the company to . Might be a good change.might get 100x worse

    They don't uninstall or ever really quit. They just make attention-seeking threads that lie about how they're going to quit.

    They always come back a few months later.

    This is hilarious dude, first I was gonna flame you for commenting on a old ass thread then I saw your screenshot, hahaha checkmated. I quit for years and never once have I made a post about leaving or coming back, I'm just happy my guild still keeps me. His next excuse must be "bro idk you, my friend gave me this account he quit" haha but then one of their friends will be like "yeah its him". His game behavior only reflects his real so I usually ignore these drama queens. I didn't know a dude was pretending to be an Asian girl, damn dude. It's good I never get baited into anything emotionally here or in life. Imagine the other guy finding out, hahaha I'd be traumatized bro if that **** happened to me

    You caught him too, you can tell by his counter force that he's been playing actively he was prob like "premium soap in ch 2" fck I hope no one sees me and calls me out"

    Yes. People have no shame.
  • SkyFrogSkyFrog
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    bye fren. ill miss u