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Hidden Quests - tip

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If you're new to the game, or returning after a long absence and starting a new character, be sure to select the hidden quests option in the story UI (click M, select hidden quests at the bottom). These are a lot of fun and provide extra XP to level up with, and are easy to miss. I know, because I've been leveling a Miri (now level 56) and was wondering how to get all those "complete story to unlock" messages when I start a different quest. Once I selected the hidden stories, I suddenly opened about 100 quests, lol.


  • NahNahBeatsNahNahBeats
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    Actually a terrible tip. Those quests were hidden for a reason, so you can quickly progress to the endgame. They provide minimal rewards and only serve as distractions. The only time you need to see hidden quest is when you reach Berbhe, the level 95 questline. You have to do 'Natives", a side mission which unlocks a raid.
  • NeoyoshiEASTNeoyoshiEAST
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    Is title/stat-farming no longer a thing?, the side quests unlock a very large number of titles that can take a player from White-to-Blue title color tier alone; and those are quests only.

    So that's not nothing, and certainly not a terrible tip, but i do also see why they are hidden.
  • NotBooNotBoo
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    Thanks for the advice!
  • BariumBarium
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    Ah yes! I often forget about that. It's a nice tip.