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Cross cut problems?

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in Vella
Has anyone experienced issues where cross cut activates, but you still take damage and get staggered anyway? It feels like either a game memory leak or certain sessions of the game being bugged to where cross cut doesn't work properly on certain bosses.

I ran into this issue with Macha today where I could not cross cut any of her non-red attacks without being damaged/staggered out it. It's as if cross cut no longer has invulnerability when this issue happens.

I restarted the game and tried Macha again, I didn't have the issue for any of her attacks that would normally be fine to use cross cut on. The only other boss I've seen this happen on is Aes Sidhe, and restarting the game had the same effect.


  • JinyieJinyie
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    If you have unstable connection this is likely to happen. It also helps that when cross your attack connects with the boss for better invuln (cross closer to the boss). The map for Aes is pretty laggy so that also might be why.
  • The_VillainThe_Villain
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    Best advice I can give you about that is to just host your own boats. Won't have to deal with the latency issues where you're a sitting duck getting crapped on with damage from the boss. 'Cause yeah, it's pretty annoying and why even though I prefer swords, I'd never bother using them much if I joined someone else's boat; using them only for solo play and half-assing it with chains. Unfortunately, that's always been a problem for Sword Vella.