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Feedback towards Gachapons :-)

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edited December 15, 2018 in Suggestions and Feedback
The primary feedback regarding gachapons/cosmetic boxes and the exchange shop, is that the price of these boxes and the amount of coupons required is too high/expensive. Putting aside the topic of profitability, I would like to emphasize, I know it's very difficult to make changes that will satisfy everyone.

My suggestion:

Allow unwanted items to be dismantled/exchanged for coupons which can be used to purchase exclusive outfits/cosmetic items in the exchange shop.


  • FurielFuriel
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    Atleast we have coupons. Back on EU we didn't have a coupon system for Scarlet Flute or Viola Witch and some people spent twice the amount it would require to buy an item off the shop with coupons without dropping a single outfit.