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[Events] Big, Beautiful Christmas Tree Event

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  • LillieVirideLillieViride
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    Please do a resale on the Urban Winter and Deluxe Frost Princess outfitters :(
  • PrettyPrincessPrettyPrincess
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    Hey guys, I don't know if just had very bad luck or what, but I haven't found any ribbons yet -- only ornaments.

    This actually isn't a problem for the event since the Strange Traveler needs 3x ornaments. However, the event page says:
    Turn in two Christmas Ornaments and two Christmas Ribbons to the Strange Traveler for a Scrumptious Christmas Present, which contains Christmas Cake and Christmas Pudding.

    I would've been pretty confused if I hadn't seen the quest complete icon at the Inn. Also, there doesn't seem to be any present given -- the cat just gives 3x of each food.

    If you want an easy copy-paste, here you go:

    Turn in three Christmas Ornaments to the Strange Traveler for Christmas Cake and Christmas Pudding.