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Different Outfit/Gacha Resales Please

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So, I doubt I'm alone on this, but there's a lot of older outfits from Gachas and just general sales that I want to get at some point, however we keep having the same sets recycled over and over and over and over. Those being Succubus Queen, Iset, Keaghan, and now Tieve. I'm happy we're seeing old outfits out again, but having the same handful is tiring and makes the server become flooded with those sets. We need other sets and gachas to be resold, especially with old players coming back who may have missed sets and just newer players who weren't around for their original releases.

Some of the sets that REALLY need to be resold (imo) are the following:
Witch Trivene (preferably a redone version that doesn't look brown when dyed black)
Orchid Fauna outfits
Elite Lucky Box outfits
Scarlet Flute box overall
High Class Gangster
and there's many other sets that I'm sure just about everyone would love to see come back instead of a Succubus Queen resale for the 49218498th time.

Side note: there's also just some vanity items we haven't gotten yet for whatever reason? Those being:
Light Wings
Red Fox Tail
Winter Leopard Tail
  1. What do you want to see a resale of? Or do you just not care at all?24 votes
    1. Witch Trivene (pls make it not be brown when dyed black)
       17% (4 votes)
    2. Orchid Fauna Sets/Tails
       4% (1 vote)
    3. Elite Lucky Box Outfits
       0% (0 votes)
    4. Scarlet Flute Outfits & Black Elch Wings
       8% (2 votes)
    5. High Class Gangster Set
       21% (5 votes)
    6. Other/Multiple things listed
       25% (6 votes)
    7. Nothing/Don't care
       25% (6 votes)


  • assassin56assassin56
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    Please please please make this happen Nexon. Trivene Witch is seriously one of the cutest sets in this game and we've been waiting so long for a resale. Adding to that, why not just bring over all the KR-exclusive sets. It's not like Nexon has anything to lose for putting pixels up for sale lol. Also, we need that side ponytail hairstyle that's been permanently added to KR's avatar shop for ages now.
  • aylbdraylbdr
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    assassin56 wrote: »
    It's not like Nexon has anything to lose for putting pixels up for sale lol.

    And there lies the problem with NA. They constantly shoot themselves in the foot, because it's not that they have nothing to lose, they actually have a lot of money they could be making if they were to have more sales of more things that cost them next to nothing. That said, they could be making a ton more money if they'd make new sets more often too. I personally know the work involved in making such sets, and they'd most likely make their money back in less than a couple of hours, and from there it's nothing but pure profit.

    Edit: Come on people, I see 31% of the votes are from NA managements laziest, and our lovely forum trolls for: 7. Nothing/Don't care.