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Charles Expedition inverted mouselook does not wor

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edited November 24, 2018 in Bug Reporting
During the Charles Expedition mine cart shoot-out, inverted mouse controls do NOT work.

That is, if I normally play Vindictus with flight controls (i.e. move mouse down to look up), during Charles Race, it's back to "normal" controls, which makes it incredibly difficult to actually play the mission without having to relearn decades of muscle memory.

It wouldn't normally be a big deal if it weren't for the fact that it's a required for a sub-story, and it's already hard enough what with your aim constantly being shifted by the mine cart and the fact that projectiles have travel time.

It'd also be nice to make the players' aim independent of the mine cart orientation. While this is less "realistic," I think it'd make it a bit less frustrating. But hey, I don't know -- maybe people really enjoy this mission?