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[Sales] Black Friday Sales!

[GM] Viewty[GM] Viewty
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  • salticesaltice
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    Really nexon...we've waiting for more than fking 4 years for some of the classics to re release like the cop uniform, which totally should have re released with teide, Rocheste prep package, and a bunch of others....yet here you are, giving nothing but your sad reject of a closet wardrobe for us to buy (spoiler, not buying anything). If i did not want these ugly AF outfits for the past however many years they've been in the fking outfit shop, what makes u think i'm going to wanted them now with your shitty excuse for a "sale." Please for the love of all that remains of the player base, release the old outfits. - Sincerely everyone who got blue-balled by this "sale"
  • DragonRiderDragonRider
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    They are really in touch with their playerbase!
  • SirRFISirRFI
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    High Class Gangster is most demanded set in community, and yet no sight of it...
  • GhengisJohnGhengisJohn
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    No special versions. Seriously guys? Sorry but no sale for me then.
  • AbuseOfDiscretionAbuseOfDiscretion
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    Can we get some Exquisite Enchant Runes again? I'm ready to whale and you won't let me.
  • RizzleRizzle
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    No special versions. Seriously guys? Sorry but no sale for me then.

    Same here. Look at my sweet little monies - all staying in my pocket like the good little monies they are! Good monies, good boys! Monies gonna get baths later!