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What is the point of the new whip skill?

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edited September 6, 2018 in Arisha
Mana staccato or whatever it's called. Is it used for movement? I havent used it much but the damage doesn't look worth the SP cost. So I cant imagine it being used for something else


  • LoLoBootyLoLoBooty
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    Having trouble figuring it out myself. It reminds me of the spellsword attack when you hold right-click down except that it uses SP. Doesn't do enough damage to warrant stopping your whipping. It's not a "mob-clearer". It doesn't regenerate a lot of MP either.

    I guess it helps on the days I'm trying to use active skills x times for temporal missions. Wish I didn't unlock it. :(
  • X1Guts1XX1Guts1X
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    It's getting a decent buff in the near future. Until then, the main use I have found for it is as an "opener + distance closer." At the start of an engagement you can use it to close the distance to a boss quickly while getting in some damage and avoiding mana shock from using double dodge. The range on the whip "connecting" is longer than you think but takes some time to learn to gauge correctly. Until you can maximize this distance via experience this ability is somewhat worthless until buff.

  • KirraKirra
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