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I recently started playing fiona and I have absolutely no idea what tireless does. The description doesn't really help. I assumed it got rid of hitstun (that brief moment when your attack stops to "hit" the boss) but it just doesnt?. Someone please help


  • PhaliantPhaliant
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    Hello fellow fiona !

    Let me anser you since I main Hammer for quite a while by now.

    Like you said, Tireles is a buff that helps about "hitdrag" (the delay when you hit).

    The description isn't clear but it reduces by 50% the drag caused by your hits making it feeling much more smoother and faster to land any hit.

    It doesn't completely removes the delay like transformation does but it's one of the geatest improvement they made for her since ages.

    With this buff, your Attack Speed is significantly meaningfull unlike a long time ago.

    I hope I answered to your question !

    PS : If you have Partholon Vanguard buff at lvl 10 you get 10% of this same effect for the entire account on all regular battles so IF (not yet tested) it adds with Tireless's buff, it makes it up ot 60% total for Fiona which is even better !
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    Thanks! I guess I didn't notice it because it only reduces the hitdrag instead of completely removing it