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Vindictus II


  • SomeguywashereSomeguywashere
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    vindisctus 2 is bdo

    I wish ha haa. Created this Photoshop months ago . Ah well. RIP Vindie.


    Cedric wrote: »
    Season 4 is the last content we will have in game with the lvl 100 weapons. So... lets see what vindi has done in the last 7 years:

    Instead of expanding with good content they broken more than 60% of game content and beautiful dungeons like twilight desert, ben chenner etc... and they added some cold lifeless boring af dungeons that makes you kill yourself after 2 runs.
    S2 raids got butchered so we got left only with the s3 raids to kill our brain all over again every day ( they are not bad but it not enought to sustain the game)
    Crappy crafting system that no one much is interested in because its so bad...
    No pvp and no pvp improvements over 7 years.
    No activities to do in game other than killing mobs... there is literally nothing else to do... no gathering no crafting nothing.
    No good events.
    No comunication between playerbase and devs
    More and more scamming gatchas and pricy nx items and 0 respect for its playerbase.
    I dont think i even listed everything but i will stop here....

    So this is it... we know what vinid has to offer now and we know what will be the last content... Is something we like? is it enought to keep ppl playing? Well thats for you to decide if vindictus is game for you or not.

    And about the op, yes i think they should do a vindictus 2 because i dont think this version will last for long as it is now and even with the future patches.

    Sadly true. The last season is approaching. Time for me to quit.
  • KursKurs
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    But there were attempts at improving pvp, new modes etc some modes that were suggested in NA forums too. And attempts at improving the crafting system. and I thought the dungeons looked nice. Got to give credit where credit is due and not make it seem like absolutely nothing was tried over 7 years. And I have no idea where you're getting this information that Season 4 is the last season. I'm kind of thinking that something was said and assumptions might be being made somewhere.
  • KimiithaaKimiithaa
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    Vindictus 3 when?