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Not future content, just an interview with Derpcat

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I skipped a few question that have nothing to do with us.

New Year Eve 2017 is coming, what surprise will you bring this time?
We worked really hard to prepare for the New Year surprise. Because it’s a surprise, it’s better to keep it a secret. How much of a surprise it will be? Pls look forward to it.

We all know Vindi is famous for the sexy female characters. What will be the New Year outfitter this time? What’s the idea behind it?
Since it’s a surprise, we don’t want to spoil. We can tell that CN mainland is the first region to have it. For more, pls wait for it.

What will be the boss of New Year update? How hard it is?

New Year update is called Suicide Squad – lit “a team that’s not afraid of death” (Neamhain?). The content is completely different, and is a lot better. The mechanic is completely different compared to current combat mechanics, and focusing on the challenging combat method.

What’s the plan for Vindi in 2017?
We will keep working hard on combat, and the target is player’s daily gameplay, such as the connection/communication between players in different towns.

VR is a hot topic of 2016, and mobile game have been big for two years. Does Vindi have any plan in these field?

Currently we don’t have many discussion about VR. As a developer, although we really interested in this tech, but Vindi’s current content is not really suitable to implement VR.
About mobile game, Nexon on its own doesn’t have any game or plan. We interested in it but to make a plan for mobile game, we have to check with the company’s plan first. But we have licensed Tiancity to develop a mobile game called “MH: Eternal”, and its playable beta has shown up at this year’s ChinaJoy.